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  1. Sang Som would be the pick if desperate, but both are pretty nasty, if going cheap might as well drink lao khao.
  2. Thailand was used as an example as we are both familiar with it, but it applies to a number of other countries.
  3. I dare say lying to the officer, breaching your visa conditions will get this type of treatment. The officer knew this, hence the questioning. You are not subject to a re-entry ban as such, if you formally were you would have been denied entry and given the information in writing. You are not banned from applying for ETA, but your application will most likely be denied, given your conduct and travel history, so effectively a ban.
  4. Sounds more like they got an officer doing their job. Let's not forget they lied to the officer and are in breach of their visa conditions. But blame the officer. That's technically correct, but I dare say any applications for a an ETA in the near future will be denied and they will have to apply for a visa. So in layman's terms yes they are banned from applying for ETA's Why it's most likely correct, if they return again on a tourist visa or ETA they will be denied entry and detained until they can be returned home. What's the grounds for this formal complaint?
  5. I believe due to the fact your partner has a diagnosis that will need to declare that during the application so it will definitely be assessed during the medical.
  6. Whilst I agree with the intent and most of the information you have provided. I disagree a legitimate job will have documented evidence to prove this. Many people work hard in low paying jobs for cash. Just because they are paid in cash doesn't mean they are working in illegitimate jobs. Take Thailand for an example, if you work in a job that is the minimum wage, most likely you will be paid cash and won't be given any paper work/payslips. Also if you're paid the minimum legal wage or under 150,000 baht per year you are exempt from paying tax or lodging a PIT. So working for cash and not paying tax is not a crime. As I said I agree with most of your post and as you have said, it's pretty easy for immigration to verify the information you provide.
  7. Partner visa subclass 309 https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-offshore Online, see above website. AUD7,715 But add another thousand or so to cover additional costs such as translations, medicals etc If you wish but it's not required. They will need to apply for a tourist visa to be able to do so, but getting one shouldn't be an issue. You maybe able to apply as defacto if you meet the requirements instead of getting married in Australia. Read the above website first, but other costs are translations, medicals and police checks as general rule but depending on your circumstances there maybe more. Why is it not possible to get one? The Amphur office in the area where he was born will be able to provide you with a certified copy unless he is quite old. Or they can provide a certified print out of the registration system.
  8. Surprised no one's picked it up yet, but that's one hell of a glitch in the system you have exploited or you've wasted $7000 plus dollars. Unless it's a typo on your behalf.
  9. I think it's become quite apparent that you don't really understand what is or has been discussed here. That is at the essence what your issue is with the refusal is, you don't understand the reasons given. Your username is very fitting. You are acting on a mistaken belief, due to you not understanding, if you did understand, you would see how futile your appeal is.
  10. This is an example of your basic lack of English comprehension, I never said you wanted to go to the US or implied that you did. You don't even understand what people are discussing in simple conversation, never mind a more technical legal one.
  11. Of course that's the case, an Iranian passport/citizenship is one of the lowest ranked in the world, its next to worthless if you wish to travel internationally, It's on the same level as North Korea . Not to mention the ban on traveling to the US,
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