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  1. I think it's become quite apparent that you don't really understand what is or has been discussed here. That is at the essence what your issue is with the refusal is, you don't understand the reasons given. Your username is very fitting. You are acting on a mistaken belief, due to you not understanding, if you did understand, you would see how futile your appeal is.
  2. This is an example of your basic lack of English comprehension, I never said you wanted to go to the US or implied that you did. You don't even understand what people are discussing in simple conversation, never mind a more technical legal one.
  3. Of course that's the case, an Iranian passport/citizenship is one of the lowest ranked in the world, its next to worthless if you wish to travel internationally, It's on the same level as North Korea . Not to mention the ban on traveling to the US,
  4. Oh that's easy to answer, they are offended at being rejected. How dare the laws and requirements apply to them, they are special, they pay tax, Australia should be grateful they even chose to come here etc. The normal self entitled and deluded reasons.
  5. I have so please read this again. The decision was completely fair, you failed on 4 points, when failing 1 makes you ineligible. As someone who claims to plan things, I think you will agree, it was extremely poor planning on your part to fail, not 1 part, not 2 parts, not 3 parts but 4 parts of the requirements. You completely screwed up your application on your own accord. If you're this moral person you seem to believe, stop blaming others or the system for your mistakes. That is not the moral way is it, to blame others for your mistakes. Is it not the moral way to say, yes I made some mistakes, I didn't understand the requirements, thank you for allowing me to re-apply again, I will demonstrate I am the moral person worthy of this honour of Australian citizenship, by meeting these 4 requirements I failed on and when time applying for citizenship again. You screwed up, be a moral man and except it and thank Australians for being fair and moral people for the chance to apply again in the future when you completely screwed up the first attempt.
  6. No I read your comments, your application got refused, but you didn't appeal, which is the battle your fighting now. You appeal wasn't refused due to your location as you claim. If fact it wasn't refused because you didn't appeal
  7. So why the need to appeal now then? as you claim repeatedly that you no longer need it.
  8. Yes it would, there is no restriction based on your location when applying for an appeal.
  9. So why can't you wait until you qualify again? given you failed to quailfy the first time round and as you claim you don't need it, why spend the $900 and waste people's time? How can it be unfair and your plans destroyed when you don't need nor require an Australian passport? How can something be destroyed when it wasn't needed nor is required? Your not making any sense here. You can't claim damages for something that hasn't caused you any damage.
  10. So you lied when you said. So what did you exactly write as for your reason to appeal the decision and be granted the EoT.
  11. So you claim to be an honest person, so answer this. What is the reason you really need an Australian passport for?
  12. I suggest you read up on up the immigration act. The amount of tax you have paid in insignificant, but please raise that at the hearing like I suggested in point number 3. I am sure the tribunal and the respondent will apologize profusely for daring to question you given that huge amount of tax you have paid, I suggest asking them to consider you to for a order of Australia medal for tax contributions.
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