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  1. Rubiiiyl

    Process of a visa application

    Haha sorry for confusing, I’m good in terms of the whole application but I’m just curiuand confused why was it granted straight away. As I thought an application need to be reviewed before getting approved. But in my case no one even looked at my documents and stuffs😳
  2. Rubiiiyl

    Process of a visa application

    Thanks for replying!! No you didn’t miss anything Timeline: 2014- Mar 2018 bachelor (student visa) Apr 2018 - (Apr 2019) working holiday visa as Jan 2019 I’m starting a master so I applied for student visa last night and was granted. hope this clear the picture up a bit
  3. Hi everyone, I don’t really have a problem to ask but if anyone why this is happening and can explain this to me would be lovely. I was a student in Australia and after finishing a degree and went on a working holiday visa for a gap year (expiring in Apr 2019). And as I’m starting another degree in Jan 2019 I have to apply for a student visa again. And yesterday (26 Dec) which is a public holiday I finally got time and submitted my student visa application at 11pm. The second I submitted and made the payment I received a grant letter straight away. (Which is kind of frustrating as I have work still and had to stop working straight away). I thought after a visa is submitted it will need to be reviewed then get approved/disapproved. But in my case I reckon no one has check my application and documents (1. It was a public holiday and 11pm, 2. within a minute it got approved). Does anyone know why would this happen? I’m very grateful for the visa but just quite confused😅 thanks very much!