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  1. Hello, I'm going back to Australia in August, and we're gonna apply for a partner visa then. But since I'm still home for a few weeks I was wondering if I could do some work beforehand here? Like any documents I could arrange or translate? What would be useful to arrange here still? Thanks in advance, Amaris
  2. Or if it's not a good idea, what would be a good idea.. Can you while you applied for a partner or marriage visa, visit your partner on a tourist visa for like 6/12 months? Or is then the condition 8503 a problem too? I am getting a bit confused here with all the conditions and the rules.
  3. Hello, I had a question a few months ago, but I'm still not really sure and certain if this is the right route. I've been living together with my boyfriend for about 10-11 months, did 3 visits to Australia. Last year I had a WHV. But instead of applying for a partnervisa back then I went back to my home country for reasons. Now is the thing, we want to be together, and if we apply for it overseas, we've got to wait for another year - 2 years. I saw that certain tourist visas have the condition 8503 attached. But the e-visitor doesn't. We're not married yet, but we plan to. Did anyone ever go to Australia on the e-visitor, and applied for a partnervisa right after? While still being in Australia. I'm fine to even hire a lawyer once I'm there, but I just want this to work out, while I'm in Australia. Thanks in advance, Amaris
  4. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Hello, I had a working holiday visa since March 2018 and went home for Christmas and new years. I'm still here in my home country and want to work for a few months, since I didn't have a lot of money anymore. My partner and I want do want to get permanent in Australia. I have been living the last 9 months together with him, and last year I visited him for 2 months as well. So that's together like 11,5 months of living together. Now I do have a question here. I've heard that the partner visa rules are changed and that the Australian resident must be a sponsor. But can I work for a few months here and get back to Australia on a visitor visa, then marry him and apply for a partner visa? I've read that if the government knows that I might be send away? Do I have to get back before March (when my WHV ends) and apply for a partner visa then and get a bridging visa? We might not have the money for that.... Any other ideas? Thanks a lot, Amaris.
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