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  1. sunshine27

    Overstayed in X country

    Okay, thank you! I'm from Europe and actually i visited Canada right after USA for two weeks and there they didn't say anything.
  2. sunshine27

    Overstayed in X country

    How long should i wait then? 6 months, a year or even longer?
  3. sunshine27

    Overstayed in X country

    No, I was just stupid. Would you recommend to wait for a little because it has been only a month since i left USA or it's okay to try it now?
  4. Hey! In 2018 I overstayed my visa for 8 months in USA. I left the country voluntarily and on the boarder they didn't say anything. Now a month later I wanna apply for working holiday visa but there's a question about overstaying. What are the chances i get my visa denied? Should i wait and try later? What if i get denied? Can i try again later?