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    Some questions about partner visa

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean.. in the form it says 'The person completing this form must provide evidence of their current name, age and, where applicable, Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency (for example, a certified copy of the birth certificate, Australian passport or passport containing a permanent visa). All copies must be certified.'.. so is it as per its requirements i.e., having to supply certified copies of their citizenship or are full color scans sufficient?
  2. Ohhmyg

    Some questions about partner visa

    What about form 888? It still says on the form that witnesses have to supply certified copies.. Are full colour scans sufficient?
  3. Ohhmyg

    Some questions about partner visa

    Thank you Aussie_83. May I also ask where can I find the full document checklist for subclass 820 801? I can't seem to find it on homeaffairs.. The immi account led me to the homeaffairs website for a document checklist but I can't seem to find it. 😕 Also, do documents like passport need to be certified? It doesn't seem to have been explicitly stated on homeaffairs (unless I've missed it), but my online research says that some people who have applied for partner visas have gotten their copies certified.
  4. Hi, I am currently living in Australia on student visa 500 with limitation 8105. I am in a de facto relationship with my Australian boyfriend for 6 months now, together for 14 months. We are registered with the ACT government as civil partners. 1) I heard being civil partners would waive the 12 month de facto requirement- can someone please confirm? 2) I am aware that bridging visa A or B would be given to me once I lodge a partner visa application, but what sort of work rights would I have? I'm confused since my current visa's work rights are contingent on my studies but I have now graduated (student visa expires 2 months from now), so will I be able to work full time freely under the bridging visa? Thanks Any help is much appreciated.