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  1. Hi all, I'm currently in Australia with my wife and approaching the end of my 3-month entry period on my E-Tourist visa. My wife will give birth around March 22nd and with a 2 year-old already on the scene, I'll be at home supporting my family for at least 2 months. I'm currently not working, and I normally work overseas in the aid sector - I am actively applying for overseas posts but I am also happy to stay in Australia if I get a job here first. I'm weighing up whether or not to apply for the spouse visa now. If I apply now, I will have the right to work in Australia from mid-March, but will be busy with the new baby for 2-3 months - and I may be offered a job overseas in the meantime. Any suggestions as to what to do? Also, if I apply for the spouse visa and secure my bridging visa, then cancel my application because I get an offer overseas, will this be detrimental to any future spouse visa applications? Is there any way to keep an onshore visa application going if you move overseas? Thanks, Shane
  2. Hi all. I'm married to an Australian citizen We've been married for around 2 years and we have 1 child with another on the way. I am currently in Australia on a tourist visa and I want to apply for the spouse visa before my current visa expires. My understanding is that, once you have applied for the Partner visa you have 2 years to provide the relevant documentation. My question is - (a) what is the minimum amount of documentation you need to provide on application to get the Bridging visa and (b) how much time should I leave on my existing visa bfore applying to ensure there's enough time to get the Bridging visa? Thanks!
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    How long before bridging visa/right to work?

    Oh, one more question - if I'm on a tourist visa with a maximum 90-day stay, do I need to wait until the full 90 days is up before the bridging visa kicks in?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm an Irish citizen married to an Australian citizen. We have one son (born in Sydney) and we are expecting a daughter in March - our daughter will be born in Australia. I have come on an E-Visitor 651 visa, entering in December 2018. Having lived in Asia the past few years, we are now seriously considering staying in Australia and I will need to find work quite soon. I have applied for a few jobs in Australia and I'm hoping to get sponsored. However, I understand that the chances of this happening are quite slim, and that if I am offered an unsponsored position I will need to gain the right to work ASAP, and the only way to do so is to apply for the partner visa. So my questions are as follows: 1. How quickly can I get the right to work on a bridging visa? 2. Is it possible to get the bridging visa after paying the application fee but before uploading the documents to back up the application? 3. Since we are married with children, will there still be a need to upload loads of evidence of our relationship, or should marriage certificate, birth certificates and statements suffice? Many thanks in advance for any input!