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  1. @Nightcall thank you very much for your response, yes my wife and daughter got ETA. hmm i don’t know if the visa agent included my wife and daughter grant visa to my application yes i provided my team contract paper which is 1 year more on my contract i have been living in Japan for 5 years almost 6 years now and i got my PR December 13 i have been work in Uniqlo for 2 and half years and PR is not in question i apply online and a registered Australia visa agent handle the application it was online
  2. And here is what the agent said on the second refusal
  3. Hello thanks for replying to this the attached file is the first refusal later. And when i got the first refusal email i called Australia embassy in Tokyo Japan and explain but they told me there is nothing they can do to change it because there is no review right.but if could try and apply again so the second time i got the registered Australian visa agent to handle the process he did everything and again we got refusal
  4. Hello everyone i wanted to visit Australia for holiday with family for like 2 to 3 weeks so me and family that is my wife and little daughter are Japanese so they hold a Japanese Passport and am a Nigerian i hold Nigerian Passport so we apply for a tourist visa and it did not even take a day or 2 my wife and daughter was approved and we waited for mine like 3 weeks but got a refusal email I’m a permanent resident of Japan i have been playing football here in Japan for years which is my work i pay tax and every other thing i provided all documents they requested for but yet got a refusal email. We are going only on holiday me my wife and daughter they got their’s approve and refuse mine 2 times and i use a register Australian visa agent to handl the application for us but still got a refusal i don’t understand because I’m using a Nigerian Passport? I don’t understand why