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  1. Hi! Thank you for replying! That's true I didn't reply, sorry. Here in Brazil I do have a strong academic record, I have been studying for my whole life and I have ways to prove It. About thr living arrangements, I have nothing on my name, just a credit card and a travel card. My parents pay for my Uni, which is something important to tell in the support letter. About the savings, I do have enough. Although, whats does exactly mean "an incentive to depart Australia prior to your visitor visa expiring"?? thank you all for the great help!
  2. Hi! Thank you for the fast reply!! I've been doing a heavy research on this attachments matter for the application to make it strong and consistent. So, that is all I have so far to attach: - passaport - letter from university comfirm my last two years with payment records - student ID - detailed 10 week itinerary, with all the costs, hostels, bus and plane tickets, and possible dates - my own bank statements - my father bank statements - a strong support letter from my parents - I also thought about writing my own intentions letter Please, is it possible to tell my chances?! Thank you very much for the replies!!
  3. Thank you so much! All these informations are really helping me. At first I thought to apply as employed, but it is an intership and the payment is not that significant. Therefore I decided to apply as a student: I have done 2 years of Architecture here in my home town University and decided to deffer for 1 semester to travel to Australia and south Asia. We are now at the begining of the school year and I have deffered this firt semester of 2019. Applying as a student would be an inconsistency? Or I am still a student? I have ordered a letter from my University proving that I stil have 3 years left to finish my studies in Brazil. Would that be a significant motivation? Thank you again, I appreciate your replies a lot.
  4. Thank you so much, @AussieDude That is very helpfull! About the savings, I have 70% of recommended savings (AUS5000, please correct me if I'm wrong). The rest of the money my parents will borrow me, so I pay them when I come back to work in Brazil. I am aware that it's not positive to transfer large amounts of money to my bank account like this. So, would you recommend me to say that they are going to help me, by attaching a letter they write and their bank account informations? Thank you already, I really appreciate the help!
  5. Thank you for the fast reply, I really appreciate the help. Please, about the itinerary, how do I prove It? Should I just write down my plans? Beacause naturaly I haven't booked any tickets or hotels yet, as I've been reading the recomendations on the foruns. Thank you!
  6. Hi! I'm a 24 brazilian and I plann to visit Australia this year, as a solo traveller. I'm about to attach documents to my visa application, but I'm not sure about what to attach to make the application better. What I curently have: Passaport picture, employment letter and proof of enough savings to travel. Please, what else do I need? Thank you already.