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  1. It was fast! I was granted my visa one week after the medical was submitted.
  2. Hey! Yes I was granted my visa yesterday. I uploaded my FBI and state background checks as soon as I got them. The doctor that I went to for my medical sent his report in the following day after my visit. It took about a week after that for my visa to be granted. Not long at all.
  3. Hi, I received an email from Immi requesting my FBI Background Check (US Citizen) and Medical. As I'm assuming this will be the last thing that Immi will need from me, what is the general time frame that I would be looking at for approval after sending them this info? And, how long do I have after the visa is granted to enter Australia? Thanks!
  4. Hello, Question 24 of Form 80 asks if you are applying for a temporary visa and, if yes, the proposed final departure from Australia. As the Offshore Partner Visa is a temporary visa, I understand that I would put yes but, as the visa's not yet been granted, what should I put for the dates? Thanks!
  5. Thank you. Well, time for an uncomfortable conversation! Ha.
  6. Does this really include half siblings? I mean to say that I've got a completely estranged group of people with whom I share the same father (deceased) but we are not in contact. Do they need to be included as getting their personal info will be very difficult. Thanks!
  7. I would like to know this as well. There are a lot of moving parts (no pun intended) that we're trying to line up and to know this would be helpful.
  8. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself and say that it's great that this site exists. I am an American citizen and my wife is Australian. We've been married for a year, live in the States and have navigated the US immigration system on our own thanks to a similar forum site like this one. The plan was always for us to eventually move back to Australia and, while we're still in the US immigration process (my wife has already had her green card interview, we're just waiting for it) we've decided that we want to move to Australia sooner than we expected. As we're at the very beginning stages, I've done cursory research as to what visa we need and it looks like we'll go for the 309 and the 100. My questions are: 1. We're applying for the visa while living in the States. How soon after the visa is approved, do I have to enter the country? 2. I've seen mention of using a migration agent (even on the Australian Govt's own site). Is this necessary? As I said, we navigated the US immigration system on our own our case is very straight forward. 3. I've seen that it takes upwards of 12 - 17 months for the provisional visa to be approved. Can you suggest what we should be doing right now to prepare for our application? That's all I can think of for now. Thank you so much for your time. I'll be lurking and reading!!
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