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  1. Oh great! So there is no time stipulation saying that he has to remain in Australia for any amount of time after it’s granted? Jess
  2. hello, we are starting out on the visa process and will be applying for the 309/M100 visa from USA. Had a call with home affairs but he was pretty unhelpful - very vague. I am trying to work out the best time to apply for my husband based on my work contracts here in the USA. I have been trying to find any information about how long we have to move AFTER his visa is granted. Guy at home affairs has advised processing time anywhere from 12-17 months, but I've seen people online that have said their visas have been granted in as little as 3 months! I am about to sign a 2 year contract with a USA company so want to be sure of my timings! I read online that you have 12 months from when your medical assessment is carried out? is this true? If so, at what point during your application is the medical assessment done? In addition to the must arrive by date question, anyone had any luck with also getting permeant residency at time of 309 application? Guy form home affairs said there was no "specific" criteria to meet and its up to the visa officer who processes my application. Facts: I am Australian, husband is Hungarian. Met in London and have been in relationship for 12 years, married in London 2 years ago, moved to USA 2 years ago. Plan to apply from here and move once visa is granted thanks!!
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