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  1. That's some good advice to include the dates we plan to move, thanks!
  2. That's what I thought would be the answer 😀 Thanks anyway!
  3. Hi all, I am in the process of applying for the offshore partner visa (for my wife). I think I now have all the information that I need but my only problem is when to submit the application. We plan to move to Australia in July 2020. I obviously don't want to apply too late and not have the visa granted before we move - I know here in the worst case we could still move there and she would have a tourist or bridging visa but would then have to leave the country once it is approved and then come back again (which we would like to avoid). But I also don't want to apply too early and have the "must enter by" date set before July next year and she would then need to make a quick trip to Australia and back before July just to activate the visa. I know the "must enter by"😀 date is generally 12 months from the police checks and medical. My original plan was to apply now and then if they happen to reply very quickly in the next couple of months and ask for the police checks and medicals I would then just hold off until July this year and do them then and this would then give us the 12 months until July next year. I spoke to the department today and they said that might not be possible as they generally give a maximum period in which to respond to their requests which is normally 28 days at the most. He also said that the must enter date is not always tied to the police checks and medicals and I would only find out the must enter date in the grant letter. So as you can see because we are fixed on the date when we want to move to Australia I'm now a little confused as to when I should apply. I know 75% of applications are processed within 12 months so I would like to think we would be in that 75% which means I could just wait and apply in July this year but obviously you never know. Does anyone have any more concrete information about processing times and how long I can realistically expect them to: 1) Get back to me after I submit to request the police checks and medicals 2) Approve the visa Or is this the million dollar question that can't be answered? 😀 PS - If it helps the basic facts are: we have been together for over 10 years, married for almost 8 years, have three kids and currently live in Europe (my wife is an EU citizen) Thanks!
  4. It's the same for me, I currently can't see the Bpay option. I also checked the screen after logging on but it didn't mention it was an issue. I'll try it again later.
  5. Thanks again for your help, much appreciated 😀
  6. Fantastic, thanks so much for your quick reply, this forum is certainly a great resource! I've got the checklist from the department's website for which documents I need and have started getting them ready but at what part of the application process to do i need to attach them? I'm now up to the payment part to submit the application but I still haven't seen an option to attach the documents. I don't want to submit the application without uploading the documents or does the option to upload documents only come after you have submitted it and made the payment? Thanks again!
  7. Hi all, I am currently in the process of applying for the 309 visa and I am now up to the payment section but I'm a little confused about when I need to upload the supporting documents as I haven't seen an option to do this yet, does this come after the payment? Also just a few other questions: 1. For the relationship statement is this a separate document that we have to attach or is this just the answer to the question on page 17 where it asks "Give details of the development of the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor." If it is a separate document, where can I find this? 2. Could someone please tell me where I find the form for the witnesses to fill out? 3. Does the applicant form and the sponsor form need to be done through separate immi accounts or is it possible to use the same account? Thanks for your help 😀
  8. Ok, great thank you for your help, much appreciated 😀
  9. Does anyone have any other information regarding my first question above and the translated copies of documents? What type of person is able to translate them, is there a minimum level of qualification? Thanks 😀
  10. Great, thanks again for your help, much appreciated!!
  11. Thanks for your quick reply and answers, thats a big help, thank you! For your answer to question 4, do you know what would happen if the 100 was granted at the same time as the 309? I guess then we could be questioned about it as soon as it is granted? If anyone else has any experience in using non-certified translations it would be great to hear what type of person you used. Thanks again 😀
  12. Hi all, I'm planning on applying for the 309 partner visa for my wife and have spent some time on the immi website and also here doing some research (which has been really helpful!) but I still have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any help 😀 Facts -We have been together for 11 years, married for 7 years with 3 kids -Applying for the visa from Europe where we have lived for the past 8 years -Plan to move to Australia July 2020 -I am an Australian citizen, my wife is an EU citizen Questions 1. I know the documents don't have to be certified by a translator but I read where the person translating them has to list their "qualifications and experience in the language they are translating," but it doesn't list the actual requirements for the person translating them. Does anyone have any clarification about who can translate them? I presume an English teacher would be ok, but could you also just get someone who works in both English and the local language in a regular job (e.g. - office/business job)? 2. Once we lodge the application for the 309 could we still go on a 3 week holiday to Australia while it is still being processed - my wife would then need a tourist visa, is this allowed? 3. The biggest problem that I currently have is when to lodge the application. I would like to do it now but have noted that there is generally a requirement to move to Australia within 12 months of the health check. I read where 75% of applications are granted within 12 months but have read in some places where they have been granted in 3 months - so if I applied now and needed to send the health check within say the next two months it would then mean we would need to move to Australia March 2020 which would be too early for us. Does anyone have any recommendations here as I don't want to leave it too late to apply in case it takes longer than 12 months for it to be granted, but obviously don't want it too early - could I apply now and in case they ask for the health check before July 2019 (one year before we go) just delay this a little bit? 4. If by any chance our plans change and we decide to stay living in Europe for another two years but the 309 visa has already been granted is it possible to travel to Australia to meet the 12 month requirement but then to only stay for a few weeks and then return and keep living in Europe or is the requirement that you have to start residing in Australia within the 12 months and not just travel there? Sorry this is quite a long post but I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks!
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