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  1. If you decide to buy another ticket, you don't necessarily need a return ticket. I'd think that they'd want to see that you will leave the country - so you could go for a nice holiday in New Zealand. I'm an Australian living in Europe and that's all the border officers here want to know, that I will be leaving their country at some point - not that I'm going to fly all the way back to Australia.
  2. From how we read the 'Countries resided' question, you only had to list the last address you lived in, in each country - but you have to list accurately the whole time that you have lived in that COUNTRY. I.e. if you moved around within one country, you don't need to document each address there, just the last one. The way the information is required to input is confusing in my opinion. But I'm no expert having only just done one visa, so defer to the knowledge of those with much more experience.
  3. Hi, We're intending to submit a partner visa application (309, offshore) for my husband shortly. We also have two children (under 3 years old), who I have applied for (Australian) citizenship by descent 6 weeks ago. Currently, on the 309 visa application (not submitted yet) we have not listed the children as dependents as I understand I don't need to if they are Australian. (There is no obvious reason why their citizenship should not be approved.) and we're keen to get the partner visa in before the changes to how you apply to be a sponsor are implemented. I note that the Department website states that dependents can be added after submission of the main applicant. Can anyone confirm that this is correct and we wouldn't be penalised or questioned about why we didn't add the children to the application as they weren't Australian citizens at the time of submission of the application. (The citizenship approval timescales suggest that they may get their citizenship within the next 2 months, so they should be citizens before we even get close to a decision on the partner visa. ) Thanks in advance.
  4. We're applying for the 309/100 visa. We have some supporting documents (i.e wedding cards from friends and family, emails, flight confirmations) that are not in English. Our main documents are all in English. We are applying outside Australia, so I have noted: 1) Can we just translate the document ourselves? My husband (from non-English speaking country) learned English in school since the age of 10 (he's now 38) and he's been living and working in the UK for the last 9 years. Can he write that as the details of 'experience in the language being translated' 2) Or, should we just leave out those documents and use the English ones only instead? It means, for example - we will only have wedding cards from 'my side'. Thanks
  5. I did search the forum and didn't find an answer. I'm sorry if I offended you by asking the question - but I don't think you needed to be so rude about it.
  6. We have a number of friends and family who are not Australian (and have never lived in Australia). When we ask them to write about our relationship: 1) Should they use form 888 irrespective of their country of residence/citizenship? or, 2) Should they write a stat dec that is valid in the country that they live in (in my case, UK - which has stat dec laws, and Sweden - which doesn't) Thanks for your help
  7. Thanks for your quick, clear and concise answer.
  8. The 309 visa guidance states a number of requirements in relation to proving the relationship. Does above just apply to de facto couples, or married couples too? How do you prove you are not related? My husband has a family tree back to the 1600s, but my parents can't even tell me the names of their grandparents. (I know we're not related as we're completely different nationalities from opposite sides of the world) I assume this applies to married as well as de facto couples. Correct? Thanks in advance
  9. I totally believe you both, but for my peace of mind would you mind sharing where the regulations describe this? (I have tried looking in Volume 2, Schedule 2, Subclass 601 of the regulations) I'm basically worried that they could claim misuse of the ETA as he would not be genuinely entering the country temporarily as a tourist.
  10. Thanks AFV Do you know if it frowned upon though, i.e would they look unfavorably at your application if you did this? Yes - I'm in the process of applying for citizenship by descent for my children. Considering the 'entry by' requirement, it seems to make sense to go the ETA --> 801/820 route, even though it feels kind of wrong.
  11. Hi, My husband and I are looking to move to Australia (I am Australian, he is Swedish). Our biggest concern is timing. We both currently live in the UK (for the last 9 years) and we're considering moving in approximately 2 years time (flexible). However, considering the waiting times, how do you manage when you actually set a move date? We want to plan our lives with our kids and jobs etc, so find it difficult to see how to do this with the timing of the grant of the visa up in the air. Once a visa is granted is there a 'must enter by' date? Or can you move whenever you want after the visa is granted? Alternatively is it possible for my husband to enter on a tourist visa, and then apply for the 801/820 visa from there (with a bridging visa in between)? I can imagine that the Department might not appreciate you using a tourist visa when you intend to settle in the country - or is this a legitimate thing to do? How does everyone else deal with this uncertainty? Considering the cost and distance of travel (also we have two very young children) we don't really want to just 'enter' the country in order to comply with an 'enter by' date on the visa and then leave again in advance of the permanent move Thanks in advance.
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