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  1. The question is Have any of the applicants lived in a country for more than 12 months cumulatively in the past 10 years? My interpretation was this: My partner has lived in the Netherlands for 16 years, from 2003-2019. In this time he has lived at 5 different addresses, but only two of them are in the last 10 years. One from 2006-2012 and one from 2012-2019. So these are the only two addresses I added, with the start and end dates per address. The addresses that were prior to 2006 I did not add. As you can see from other posters, some people have had a slightly different interpretation. It will not hurt to add more information if you are uncertain of the interpretation.
  2. Ditto for 1221 - we did not submit this one and were not asked for it.
  3. Dates you lived at that address. If they later request evidence of you living at that address for those dates (as they requested for me and my partner), you’ll have a mismatch in the data and you definitely do not want that.
  4. You should provide as much accurate information as possible. You'd be surprised how much you can get from email, social media etc. My partner and I had about 30 different travels together and about 10 each separately - it took me a few hours but I found all the info. Also check stamps in passports - I found two trips in my passport that I hadn't found in my email. From memory, it's not all the details since time began, I believe it's 10 years, but that is stated on the forms if the case.
  5. There is now a message on the log in page that Bpay is unavailable until 2nd March... 😕
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