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  1. GO2012

    Partner Visa - Sponsor

    Sorry if this question is silly, but we have finished the 27 questions in the 820 visa application. Other than uploading all the supporting documentation, is there a separate IMMI account or application form required for the Australian Sponsor? Is this the 40SP and does the applicant also do 47SP or if applied online is the Partner 820 application the only form. and/or once the application is submitted, does a list of upload categories appear asking for the sponsor relationship declaration. Also do you wait to get the Sponsor Police Checks done after asked by the CO or in advance? Regards.
  2. GO2012

    Page 18 Relationship details

    I am completing and lodging a partner visa now and found it difficult to describe the relationship or explain financials in only 2000 characters. From advice it appears that a solid summary is required (mine used almost 2000 each) and I have linked the summary to the document I will upload. That will contain almost the same but expanded and with supporting evidence. I plan to do an index of whats in each uploaded document for the case worker to follow easily or review what interests them the most without needing to troll through the other 30 + pages of evidence.
  3. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    Thanks for your review and response. I take it I can safely answer no to 11/27 as 1.12A(4)d is the only reference to relatives and states....do not have a spouse and lives with and is dependent on the family head. As applicant lives alone with no children there is no non migrating members exist. Thanks again for your patience here..
  4. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    Thanks and yes I did read 1.12A (4)d, however one would suggest that is a reference to a specific visa as is (3) (4)(5)under Protect, refugee and humanitarian visas. Protection, refugee and humanitarian visas (3) Subregulation (4) has effect for the purposes of the main definition so far as it is relevant to a provision of the Act or these Regulations applying in relation to any of the following visas: (4) A person is a member of the family unit of another person (the family head ) if the person is: (a) a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or (b) a dependent child of: (i) the family head; or (ii) a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or (d) a relative, of the family head or of a spouse or de facto partner of the family head, who: (i) does not have a spouse or de facto partner; and (ii) is usually resident in the family head's household; and (iii) is dependent on the family head. With those conditions in 1.12A...if the applicant, lived alone and has no children or spouse/partner, they should be the only member in their family unit.
  5. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    Reg 1.12 is extremely confusing, but suggests as I thought there needs to be a child of or reliance on the family head to be a member of the family unit.
  6. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    I would have interpreted 11/27 and 12/27 as family unit being dependent on applicant and Immediate Family Members where siblings are mentioned as a different category.
  7. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    as the next question 12/27 asks for those siblings etc. Applicant's Immediate Family Members Does the applicant have any parents, siblings or children including those that are deceased?
  8. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    Thanks for responding ....11/27 Non-migrating members of the family unit Does the applicant have any members of their family unit not travelling to Australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents?
  9. GO2012

    Non migrating members of the family unit

    but surely if they live independent lives in all cases (parent, brother and sisters) you would only include in the following partner visa question. Listing them twice seems odd and then requires there marriage certificates etc to be added. Is this definitely the case if they are non dependent on the applicant.
  10. Appreciate if anyone could confirm if non migrating refers to any family members living with and dependent on the applicant or is it to include parents and sibling who are not dependant or living in the same home....and not migrating to Aust. Regards
  11. Your patience and advice offers me confidence and peace of mind. Thanks so much!
  12. with working right immediate from BVA start? Hopefully...Thanks
  13. Thank you once again.... The visa I believe is a substantive visa 'visitor FA', subclass 600 - tourist and expires 06Mar19. Conditions 8101 no work, 8201 max 3mths study only noted. So we can assume partner 820 visa submitted and paid in February will see a BVA effective from 07March with working rights, or is it only after the temporary partner visa is approved?
  14. May I say I have really appreciated the advice received on this forum. Having read so many conflicting reports on whether working rights apply or carry forward from substantive tourist visa continues, I am hoping this can be confirmed. Is it true that despite no working rights existing on a tourist 600 visa, a BVA allows unlimited working rights if you have applied for a partner 820 visa? Suggesting a 820 makes the difference.
  15. GO2012

    Exclusion from country

    Thanks for the advice.....I will add comments to the Question of being excluded from a country.