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  1. The above appeared immediately in the application menu after payment was processed. As a health examination is likely to expire (12 months) before the application is reviewed do we wait for the case office to request a medical or is the medical reviewed ahead of one being assigned? Advice appreciated.
  2. Seeking advice on best way to update passport detail online. Selection options for reason for new passport are Expired or Cancelled, The passport had not expired, but was 6 months of expiring and renewed I advance due the opportunity when visiting homeland. Is cancelled more appropriate or is this only when a country cancels the document for other reasons. Regards and thanks in advance for any response
  3. Whilst the Partner Visa Application was furnished with the 5 sections limited to 2000 characters with a reference to uploading supporting evidence, I intend uploading a full 'Details of the development of the relationship' statement. This includes the time from meeting to living together now, plus the Financial Aspects/Social Aspects/Nature of the household/Nature of the commitment sections. The intention is to then add notes to find the uploaded evidence to support statement. My questions are, is this acceptable as the statement is more detailed than the application sections loaded and does the whole statement need signing by the applicant or just uploaded as a pdf. Regards Craig
  4. Thanks for response. With regards to Statutory Declarations (non F888) do they also need ID's?
  5. Appreciate advice on 3 questions relating to uploading documents..... 1. passport size photo says 2, now it is electronic upload is this just one face and one reverse down with name and not 2 photos of the same image?. The IMMI notes state person name, yet the sample suggests a declaration, name and signature. 2. stat decs from witnesses using the government stat declaration forms signed by a JP, do they require the author to provide a passport or ID certified like the F888 form? 3. The partner visa applications asks for F888's, and I answered 3 on application form. Can you add a fourth to further support the application or should I upload the F888 in the section that the content supports? Regards and thanks. Craig
  6. Thanks again for the advice. Many have mentioned uploading a document multiple times and whilst some evidence fits several areas, I don't imagine a case worker wants to read the same statements over and over and they have enough intelligence to understand some evidence supports more than one area of the application.
  7. Having read some responses on this forum already, unfortunately it appears there are a variety of ways to add the detailed documents. Reviewing the attach documents section of the IMMI inbox, I also see no sections specific to expanding on the online sections relating to 'financial aspects', 'social aspects' etc. Relationship - .....evidence of.? is this the best place to add the Development of the Relationship statement, or should this go under other documents? Couples are living together, Evidence of? Should the financial aspects statement be uploaded here, or again under other documents? It is very confusing that a limited 2000 character section (whilst completed) requires evidence, however there is no specific upload section for financial and social aspects. Guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Having received 3 x F-888 forms completed and signed on the witness page, with passport page copy of witness, I am concerned that the certifying person (police/pharmacist) did not sign and stamp every page of the document. Will these be rejected by the department as I could quite easily redo the comments pages (although I would never) and submit. Should I ask them to be redone or is this normal? Regards
  9. Thanks for the response, the reasons are we were planning a holiday to china and my partner was calling in to her homeland to see her elderly mother for a few weeks. We do hope to go to USA mid year also for another holiday. The China plans were started when we thought she needed to exit in early feb as the visitor visa was 1 year on, and that changed when we were advised we could apply onshore for the partner visa.
  10. After submitting the partner visa, we immediately (same day) received a confirmation and a BVA with no conditions. I have 2 questions, first being we intend holidays in china around 15March and the substantive visa ends 05March and I am not sure if you can apply for a BVB now or do you wait until the BVA is active? Second question is whether the no conditions on the current BVA are automatically offered on any future BVB issued or do we risk a no work being added? Appreciating any advice, thanks
  11. Sorry if this question is silly, but we have finished the 27 questions in the 820 visa application. Other than uploading all the supporting documentation, is there a separate IMMI account or application form required for the Australian Sponsor? Is this the 40SP and does the applicant also do 47SP or if applied online is the Partner 820 application the only form. and/or once the application is submitted, does a list of upload categories appear asking for the sponsor relationship declaration. Also do you wait to get the Sponsor Police Checks done after asked by the CO or in advance? Regards.
  12. I am completing and lodging a partner visa now and found it difficult to describe the relationship or explain financials in only 2000 characters. From advice it appears that a solid summary is required (mine used almost 2000 each) and I have linked the summary to the document I will upload. That will contain almost the same but expanded and with supporting evidence. I plan to do an index of whats in each uploaded document for the case worker to follow easily or review what interests them the most without needing to troll through the other 30 + pages of evidence.
  13. Thanks for your review and response. I take it I can safely answer no to 11/27 as 1.12A(4)d is the only reference to relatives and states....do not have a spouse and lives with and is dependent on the family head. As applicant lives alone with no children there is no non migrating members exist. Thanks again for your patience here..
  14. Thanks and yes I did read 1.12A (4)d, however one would suggest that is a reference to a specific visa as is (3) (4)(5)under Protect, refugee and humanitarian visas. Protection, refugee and humanitarian visas (3) Subregulation (4) has effect for the purposes of the main definition so far as it is relevant to a provision of the Act or these Regulations applying in relation to any of the following visas: (4) A person is a member of the family unit of another person (the family head ) if the person is: (a) a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or (b) a dependent child of: (i) the family head; or (ii) a spouse or de facto partner of the family head; or (d) a relative, of the family head or of a spouse or de facto partner of the family head, who: (i) does not have a spouse or de facto partner; and (ii) is usually resident in the family head's household; and (iii) is dependent on the family head. With those conditions in 1.12A...if the applicant, lived alone and has no children or spouse/partner, they should be the only member in their family unit.
  15. Reg 1.12 is extremely confusing, but suggests as I thought there needs to be a child of or reliance on the family head to be a member of the family unit.
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