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  1. this might help you better understand. For me the Gov should give automatic extensions for all tourists as it seems quite difficult to leave now. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/visa-about-to-expire/stay-longer
  2. Currently in Australia in a tourist visa which expires 22 April. Just wondering if anyone had any comment about what is going to happen in regards to the current situation and being here on a tourist visa. There have been no announcements made on homeaffairs regardinbg tourists. I cannot see any flights back to Thailand in Jetstar. Thoughts?
  3. We are in Australia now and coming up to the first month finished of the 3 month multi entry. We plan to re-apply on April 20th. But I wonder what will happen due to this Coronavirus shutting everything down and last I checked there were no flights back to Thailand. What do you think will happen? Hopefully they announce everyone with a tourist visa can stay 😷
  4. I have a multi entry tourist visa valid for three years. Does this mean that I can just go in and out of NZ or Bali every three months for the next 3 years? Facebook group are suggesting this is not aloud, so I am trying to get some facts about this. Thank you
  5. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully provide the best answer. I just have no idea why any person with a heart would grant this type of visa. Can we get a visa grant reviewed? My partner just got granted a 3 year multi entry tourist visa, but we specifically asked for the "up to 12 month" stay and in my letter I had a section asking not to be granted a multi-entry. Is there a way we can get our visa reviewed? I cannot for the life of me begin to understand the reasoning behind why they would do this. Why This Visa? In the application letter, we asked for the "upto 12 months" and we specifically asked, not for a multi entry visa as we want to spend the whole time in Australia, which makes sense to us, because we have been staying in Thailand for 6 years living together, already traveled to Australia twice previously at 3 months each. We want to spend an extended time with family, friends and following our fully laid out itinerary for 2020. VISA TYPE Visitor (subclass 600): Granted Visa conditions 8101 - No work 8201 - Maximum three months study Date of grant 27 November 2019 Must not arrive after 27 November 2022 Length of stay 3 month(s) from the date of each arrival Travel Multiple entries
  6. I am looking for alternative options at the moment.
  7. Thank you, I did just post this question again in the main forum area. Should i remove it ? sorry for that.
  8. Hi I am not sure what type of visa to apply for my Thai partner. We stay together in Thailand for the past 5 years and she has been to Australia twice using tourist visas. I plan to go back to Aus for 6 months. What would be the best visa to apply for this time around ? She had part time jobs before but now does not work as i full support her. both our names are on the condo rental agreement. I am just wondering about his, because maybe she cannot provide strong enough evidence she will return. name on lease and 2 previous tourist visa visits. This time it will be some tourism but mainly to be together in Australia for as long as possible. cheers
  9. Does the police check get asked for after the application is submitted and I wonder if this could all be done on one trip to Bangkok ? correct me if i am wrong but i believe there needs to be a medical certificate done, this police record check and biometrics. Do they usually ask for this info all at once and later down the track once the application has been submitted ? thank you
  10. Is it nessesary to get the Royal Thai police check done in Bangkok ? Can't it be done in Chiang Mai royal thai police HQ ?
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