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  1. You really should have these proofs before you applied. But you can show remittances where you sent money one to another. you are given 100 slots to upload the data. so you should group pictures, into one pdf and upload.
  2. Wow, from what I read in the letter from the department you gave a very weak application. I am not a migration agent, but even I could see you needed more than that. Can I ask you how much did the agent charge? did they offer any money back since in reality they should either advised you to get more evidence before you applied or give more evidence. I feel for you, I know the cost of these applications. My partner and I couldn't afford to get rejected we used our lives savings to pay for her visa. We are still waiting for ours to come through. I hope you can get it re looked at.
  3. My partner put her 309 in January 2019. We only got the 12 month auto generated letter. But notice last month the application times lowered 13-17 months. We hit 17 months on the 18th. I feel we put in a strong application, we lived together in Philippines for 3 years before we applied. So we have much social evidence, and showed joint finances and lots of mail. proving we lived together, she also come to Australia on tourist visa three times to meet my children. But this silence is deafening. I really hate the process and the long wait times. We were going to do an onshore application in March 2019, but the approved changes we thought it was a costly risk so put in an offshore one instead.
  4. We have friends in the same situation. The person who was helping them thought showing that they can support the person would be good enough. However the department saw it was more reason that the person would refuse to head back so they got refusal. The Brother really needs to get a job and hold it for 2 years this would be my suggestion. The Aunty of my wife applied also she owns a small house, in philippines but she had not worked in 5 years. the refused her stay. However she then got work and applied again two years later and was granted a 3 month stay.
  5. My wife and I submited our 4 weeks ago today. I just finished this morning uploading all our evidences and cover letter. I was hoping I could get everything done before we had an assigned CO. From what I understand it just a matter of a que first in first dressed. But I really don't know our firt application of this type.
  6. Thanks, I started thinking it should be put in other also. I will print it PDf as Cover letter.
  7. Hi All, Any suggestions for a friend of mine. She has been in a relationshi with a man from Perth. She is very poor and felt her life hopes were in finding this man. However for the past 4 years he has been abusing her. She has put up with it because she was hoping he would take her to Australia. Some of the things she has told me he has said he will hire someone to come and kill her and her family. When he comes over on his holidays he rapes her over and over she feels that this is what she must do to get to Australia. I finally explained to her this is not what Australians are like and he has only used her for sex slave using hope as his bait. Anyway she did fall pregnant to him and he has refused to help her with the cost of raising the child. She has finally got the guts to give up her hopes to come to Australia but I explained to her that her daughter should be able to get Australian citizenship because the father is Australian. She asked him if he would help register the daughter as Australian but he refused. I think he thinks if she gets her australian citizenship then he has to pay her child support. Any suggestions for how this lady can get her child the australian citizenship by decent?
  8. No, We did seperate relationship statements. We covered the delevopment of our relationship, and the 4 aspects. from her perspective and mine from mine. I added my previous relationship why I felt it brokendown and how long between I was seperated before I meet my current wife. We covered the time I had to leave her in Philippines and head back to Australia, the reasons why and how we delt with it and stayed in communication through it. M wife added information about the time she come and lived with me for 5 months in Australia. Also. But we never refered to the evidences in these statements. Our statements and evidences do work together. But we decided to add a cover letter explaining why and how we felt the evidences we showed support the application. it is about a page and half long.
  9. Good day, My wife and I decided to write a cover letter I want to upload it. Our case has not been handled yet it is only 3 weeks since we submitted the application. Where would you suggest we submit this letter? It does dicuss all our evidences and how we felt they would prove our case. I was thinking it is something we could put into evidecne of spouse partnership. But on the other hand I think it could be seen as proof of committment. What suggestions can you give us to where I should upload it or should I just upload it to other?
  10. Thanks for your opinion. I did give everything I could find. Thanks for your feedback. I did speak to a migration agent and told them what I have given and they couldn't tell me if it is a good application or not aparently because I didn't pay them $5500
  11. I meant I felt my question was inline with this post. But I am wondering if anyone knows how the changes will be working yet. or is it something we have to wait and see and they will change and then everyone has to learn a new process that has no information given.
  12. I know this is not an open question forum, however I feel it may be revelvant to the question asked. We are aware their are changes coming into place in the next few months that will effect the timing for those on short visa. The sponsor having to be approved before the aplicant can apply. does anyone know how this will effect those on a short term visa?
  13. With the statements we both followed a plan. we used titles to make our statement more clear. Development, finances, social, household, commitment. I added my previous relationship to mine and she added her visit to australia, she explained how she come on a vistor visa and lived in my room with me, and how we are planing to do the same thing again this year. She told it from her persepctive and i told it from mine. We started our relationship not with the intentions of a visa. We requie the visa because we now both agree that our future long term relationship needs us to both live and work in australia. It will be better for us to raise family there as we are now at the stage that we both want to have children and we have to think about their best interests not our wants. Anyway thanks for your reply. I was thinking of writing a cover letter to add to the application. Just eplaining the intentions of the application. Like I know if we planned for the visa we could ensured we had more evidences. But we never planned for the visa and everything we do have as evidence is actually the result of us being in a true relationship. But I don't know if we should or not. Or if telling them the story behind why we are applying. we did touch some of our future plans in our statment which does show inline with what I said about with raisning children in australia.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Yes we been married since Novemeber 2015, we know each other for only a few months prior to getting married, We did show in our statments how our relationship developed. I explained what I saw in her and she explained what she saw in me. I did give a pdf file that shows the first pictures we sent to one another. It shows the pictures of our video chats we had, pictures of when we first meet. picture of the engamentment party and pictures of our wedding and our rings. And my wife and I were phyical seperated from Decemebr 2017 until April 2018. The reason is my daughter needed major help from me. and my wife was not visa ready So because of visa restrictions and the importance of me giving help to my daughter we had to seperate. However I did show about 5 pictures of screen shots per month showing the lengths of video chats we had. many of them were 3 or 4 hours, and some days we made about 5 contacts last 1 to 1.5 hr each. Because they were screen shots they also see some of the text messages we sent one another, some of the screen shots show us texting about things we were discusing about family life and business discussions. My wife ended coming to Australia and spent 5 months here before we headed back to Philippines. I moved in to a commited life together with my wife about 6 weeks before we actually go married. in total I lived with her here in the Philippines for 2 years 2 months, then we had 5 months apart. Then my wife come lived in Australia for 5 months April until Sepember last and the past 4 months been with her again in the Philippines. so phyically we lived together for 3 years, and 5 months we lived apart. But remained committed the whole time.
  15. Hi guys, I am new to this site. My wife is filapina and we been married for 3 years last Novemeber, and we been living together in the Philippines. We applied a partner visa 309 Jan 18 this year. and I feel I have uploaded every thing I possible can with out creating more evidence. We started our relationship with the idea that I would be moving to the Philippines. So I feel that our evidence we have to show for our partnership is lacking. I don't know if we have enough evidence because I have watched migration agent videos and they have made it sound more complex and extremeley hard to prove a relationship just because they want to make sales. Or if they are actually telling the truth. here is what we have uploaded, Finacial aspects. We have uploaded. photos of my wifes bank passbook, it shows her name change from maiden and my name added to the account. The second book in the pictures show the new names printed on the new book. I have uploded a scan copy of our last statement of our new joint account. Showing both names and shared address. I have uploaded a copy of the deed of sale of our property, and I have uploaded the sign contract to buy like a rent buy where we have onsold this same property rent buy. I did show the title deed, however the title deed has only my wife name and has married in brackets, simply because I am a foregner and in Philippines I am not allowed to own property. I uploaded the cash invoice for the motorcycle we brought in 2016. And I uploaded a few other invoices, like the electrical componets we brought for renovation on the property, and welding machines and grinders and generator. I uploaded email confirmations from our bank for my wife internet bil, paid from our joint account. And this is about all we have everything else can only be in one name. The electricity bill is in my name, and the internet and phone bills in my wife maiden name. To do a name change requires new contract and they still onl allow one name. For social, I have uploaded intinary of travels to singapore, to malaysia and another one from when we were in Brisbane to Melbourne and also from melbourne back to Philippines. I uploaded about 14 photos of hlidays we went on, so our engagment party, trip to singapore where we meet her sister, we did a family weekend camping trip. we hired a bus and about 14 of us went including nieces and nephews of my wife. We did photos of my wife and I with my family when we visited Australia so she could meet my daughters. We have got 5 888 froms from her family in philippines, and two 888 from my family. For comitment I have uploaded a scrapbook we did showing our first pictures sent, our first messages sent to each other, our first meeting our engament and our wedding. I have uploaded screenshots of birthday osts from myself to my wife and herself to me, and also all our wedding anniversary posts. I have shown the relationship ship status changes, the engament changes and the marriaed changes on fb. I have shown the time we were first phyical seperated, pictures of the vide chats, about 5 for every month, it shows the duration of the calls and some of the messages we sent each other. Can see how we spoke about money and running of our small backyard farm my wife run while I was in Australia. for about 5 months, once her visa come through she lived in Australia with me for 5 months on family visit visa 600. I did do selfies of my wife and I, about 45 from 2015 travel through time until 2019. I aged but my wife still looks young. For our household, I have uploaded mail I revieved from Australia, and parcels both my wife and I have recieved in joint names, and also parcel she has got. I have uploaded pictures of the house renovations we did, pictures of our farm being built, and pictures of myself nursing piglets, and my wife washing the dogs. pictures of our ducks chickens and eggs. Pictures of our little kitchen and our bedroom where we sleep. My wife appied for Australian tax file and that was sent to my address in Australia. we uploaded that. She had to apply for TFN because I applied for family tax a my 17 year old I got off the streets the reason I had to leave my wife behind quickly was because my daughter was on the streets and we This is about the limit of what I have put in. any other ideas we could use would be grateful for advice. But at this stage this is almost everything we got. I may missed something I uploaded but I think that is about it.
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