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  1. In the partner visa application under 'visa history' there is a question: Has the applicant or any person in this application ever been refused an entry permit or visa to Australia? My partner was already in Australia on a student visa and applied for another student visa to continue her studies in Australia and this was refused. Is this refusal relevant to this question, or is it for visa's applied for outside of Australia to enter Australia? Thanks in advance for help.
  2. Looking for some advice to see of we are able to new apply for an Offshore Partner Visa (309). We applied for an Onshore Partner Visa after my partner had her student visa refused and hence then fell into the requirement to meet Schedule 3 criteria. DIBP refused the Onshore Partner Visa as they believed we did not meet Schedule 3 criteria and compelling reasons. We then chose not to pursue an AAT review. We are both now living overseas together and subsequently married, and wonder if we can apply for an Offshore Partner Visa? It looks like we can, but some wording on the DIBP site indicates that after a previous Partner Visa refusal there are limitations to what you can apply for and this might affect a offshore application? If we can, then are there other difficulties or watch its we should know about? Thanks alot!
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