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  1. I dont see why not. The only thing you should worry about is not working for Australian companies while waiting for you BVA. I imagine that there are many Australian citizens working for US or other foreign countries while residing in Australia. It just all comes down to tax filing.
  2. Hi all, I have applied for 820/801 in November 2019. I am on a BVA at the moment. My question for the group relates to financial responsibilities in the form of Child Support overseas. Like millions of others, I have been severely impacted by COVID-19 and have lost my job with no change in sight. My savings are quickly running out and without a job will possibly default on my child support payments. I am currently in court to have to payments modified. If I fail to meet my obligations, how does or will that affect my visa in terms of Character with IMMI? Kind Regards
  3. I was Rejected. I'm not surprised at all but worth a try
  4. The laws are changing rapidly due to COVID-19. Centrelink Is loosening all sorts of restrictions at the moment. I am an applicant for 820/801 with a BVA. You need to try and apply with JobSeeker and Crisis Payment and go through the process. The Crisis Payment MAY apply to you regardless of current immigration laws. Dont wait to register. Do all work online. Do not stand out in front of Centerlink and waist your time. I am in the same process and will let you know the outcome. Get educated and use MyGov to its fullest extent.
  5. I cant see how to combine many photos into one pdf and keep the file under 5MB. Immi website states that they will not except compressed files .
  6. I would need to do the same. My wife and I have very little evidence due that large amounts of our correspondence have been deleted. We thought we were freeing up space and didn't think of the possible ramifications. Could you briefly explain the Stat Dec, where I locate the right format to upload? Thank You
  7. My opinion is that @ElectricSheep, You are and were aggressive and abrasive towards AFV from the very beginning. No one really wants to read that type of garbage, its counterproductive.
  8. Yes, I knew you were. I was just making a comparison. Hope it works out for you
  9. I run the risk of being banned from the forum but it would take an act of God if you were a non citizen. As sponsor, good luck. The good lord might have a say but I doubt he could change the laws in your favor
  10. I thought most 600 came with 8503 condition. Guess you got lucky eh
  11. Hi all. My BVA becomes active 25/12/19. Should I expect anything funny to happen because of the holidays Or should everything come through automatically?
  12. The real question is, what do you do if you have already submitted the wrong answer?
  13. As soon as you complete the online application and pay the fee, the Bridging Visa is immediately granted. Confirmation is sent both by email and to your Immi account home page. Just keep in mind that the BVA comes into affect 3 months after point of entry, not on Tourist Visa expiry date.
  14. I had the same issue. I put our bank statements in the Relationship category but chose " financial statements" as subcategory. I'm sure that if you label your file and description well, then the Department will figure it out and have no issues. Maybe someone else can chime in here for further clarification.
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