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  1. Hello @Thai Visa Express we are about to apply again. Can you offer any advice please?
  2. Update here. Since my girlfriend was refused her visa I been back twice now and have over 100 photos. Going to apply again. Appreciate any more tips on how to put in a strong application?
  3. sorry to read you refused. My thai girlfriend also refused tourist visa and we apply again maybe april. I let you know how we go.
  4. thank you for the information. I have 2 weeks off in March and will come to Thailand then to see my girlfriend. Do you think good idea to apply again after visit.
  5. I first me her online on thaifriendly in August and went to Thailand in December for 10 days. She lives in Buriram with mother, auntie and her son. She does not work but I support her with 10000 bahts. Only want her to come to Australia for a short holiday of 2 weeks. I work 4 weeks on site and have 2 weeks off, so plan for her to visit when I have 2 weeks off. Should I write a letter with next application and if so can you tell me what to include.
  6. Can you pls read my post. My thai girlfriend was refused a tourist visa. I am looking for any tips on how to do the application again. Any help please. See: Thai girlfriend refused tourist visa. Any tips on applying again
  7. Hi My thai gf applied for a tourist visa but it was refused. Looking for some tips on applying again. The letter she got from the embassy says that her economic situation in Thailand would not encourage her to return from Australia. What does that even mean? We have been in a relationship for 6 month and I support her and her son by sending them money each months. I own my own house and am on good salary. I can sponsor her if I have to and give guarantee she will go home from Australia.
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