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  1. Hi All My Defacto partner from overseas and I have been living together in Australia just 2.5 months after a 1 year friendship (both overseas & in Australia) changed into a relationship after she arrived Australia. We have now registered our De Facto relationship with Births, Deaths and Marriages NSW in order to address not having lived together for the required 12 month period. We intended to lodge a partner visa in two weeks time as we feel very clear about our relationship and commitment ongoing. We also have good evidence and others who can verify our relationship is genuine. My question specifically is:- Are there any issues or things I should be aware of, regarding the shorter duration of De Facto relationship time, when lodging a partner visa application and being approved in the future? Thanks Kindly
  2. thanks!! I spoke to One migration agent in Sydney who said to me that between migration agents talking between themselves/colleagues etc it could be in November this year? but How would they know just talking amognst themselves, I didnt trust the source
  3. Hi Any news as to when the new legislative changes will come in requiring sponsor to apply first? thanks
  4. Hi Night call Thanks for the points, but I'm a bit surprised? How is it concerning? How is it fraud? What is the non compliance? How does my support deter? I'm just providing somewhere to stay. My freind wants to have a holiday trip during her mid year university break I have checked with immigration phone support consultants who have said that she has correct and sufficient documentation and covers the eligibility criteria in terms of having sufficient funds documentation and return to her country documentation. Appreciate any further viewpoints..
  5. Hi AFV or others? Thank you for your points. Can I clarify my relationship and support: I have known her since April 2018 having met her at her university whilst I was doing a language course. I was living in her city at the time up until end of March 2019. We became good freinds, our friendship is on going, I got to know her family well, & her freinds, I was given accomodation in the family home for free for four weeks, we did some tourism around her city together from time to time and she helped me with various practical aspects of living in Brasil, I met with her friends and her regularly, and attended some university events together from to time. She wants to have a holiday during her semester break and as a favor and act of kindness to reciprocate her and her families hospitality, I have offered her free accommodation in my home in Sydney, including food lodgings, transport. She will not be using her savings here . She might spend 500 to 1000 dollars at the most on anything personally she would like to do. My 26 year old son and his girlfreind will spend a lot of time with her as well. My letter of support to immi will outline in detail our friendship and I will attach a stat dec declaring my practical support for accommodation and lodgings. Does that clarify the support part? She receives a fortnightly allowance from her father of about $300A which she saves for anything personal she might want. Her Family pay for her university and day to day living expenses. She wished to visit a range of places on her itenary in and around Sydney including a visit to Uluru and Auckland NZ (hence she will request multiple entry) I will probably chip in and buy her the flights, I'm well off and philanthropic in nature. She is really such a lovely person who just wants to have a nice experience of tourism in Australia and I am more than happy to help her as I do with many of my international freinds who visit me in Australia. Can you shed any more light that might strengthen her criteria against her eligibility and or my support part? My understanding is: she has adequate funds, returning to brasil completely covered and coming for genuine tourism and has support onshore, is that not adequate? Much appreciated
  6. Hi Bridge thanks for your reply, Does this meet criteria; She has already saved in her bank 5k over four months from an ongoing fortnightly allowance her father gives her with bank evidence substantiated (sufficient stand alone funds for 7 weeks) She has no costs (or only personal effects) to be incurred in Australia and air ticket already paid for (Invitation letter) Full university documents for return Genuine family commitment letters to return home as well as for university commitments Tourist Agencies iteinaries for various trips in and around Sydney Basically she has her own funds, onshore support for free accomodation and clear documents including university and already paid flight ticket supporting her return Thanks appreciate your thoughts on her eligibility...
  7. Hi AFV Apologies confusion, no two separate people...
  8. Thanks Aussie dude. I understand and thanks to clarify the process!
  9. Hi all A close Brasilian Freind of mine wants to visit Sydney Australia in July 2019 for 7 weeks during her university holidays. She will hopefully have an answer the end of May 2019. She will request multiple entry as she will go with my son to New Zealand for 5 days and back during her stay. Also she would like to come back to Sydney in December 2019 during her university holidays for another four weeks. My 3 questions are: will immigration grant her a multiple entry visa upon her request with the included NZ iteinary as part of this 7 week holiday to Australia? Secondly, Since Visa's are 3, 6 and 12 months validity how can she ensure she gets a long enough Visa validity (12 months) to enable a multiple entry return in December 2019? Lastly , she has $5000A saved for her trip in July. I am doing invitation letter and stat dec confirming she will have free accommodations, lodgings and transport while visiting Sydney. Is this sufficient funds 5000$ for 7 weeks in an assessors eyes? Thank you!
  10. Ok thanks Bridge Yeah it seems having a stronger all round approach with good evidence and the savings not being touched can possibly override the employment regular income In essence, Funds for the trip secured with family support and the need to return home clear.... Thanks for your insights!
  11. Hi Bridge Ok I understand... but with funds I get from my father, if I can show them not being touched for 2 or 3 months and i have good evidence that he has provided the financial support, good evidence i am returning to my education and strong letters of support in Australia for accomodation, and from my father providing me funds and from my grand parents who i care for at home who need me back, do you think I have a better chance..?? Thank you
  12. Thank you Bridge for your reply and recommendations, I ll work on it!! Very good points and I will consider all carefully. What do you think of selling my car with documented evidence to have the funds available?? And my father providing some funds again with evidence? Then leave it for 3 months to show I have kept my savings history and balance consistent Regards
  13. Thank you again Afv! Yes my friend is Australian, I have known him since April 2018 in Brazil through my university and we became good freinds. We know each other very well and he knows my family closely in Brazil as a family freind. He kindly wants to give me the opportunity to have a good experience. He said in his invitation letter in my application ; "As a gesture of goodwill, I agree to financially support Maisa to be able to visit Australia for tourism purposes. I shall be responsible for all of her accommodation, lodgings and travel expenses while on holiday in Sydney at my residence" But he forgot to clarify he would be paying for the flight tickets. But now we have spoken and he has agreed to give me about $5000 to buy the airline tickets, and to have money in my account for when I arrive in Australia. He said I can just use this money during my stay while residing with him and his family. He said he would have just brought the tickets and provided everything in Sydney the same way but he is equally happy to give me the funds now so I have the independence to buy tickets and have the support of the money when I am there. He said he would provide evidence to the department of gifting me the funds such as his bank withdrawal details to my account and explain why he has done this in new invitation letter. Why do you suggest he should not gift me the money as he is now suggesting in light of the fact that the department refusal clause says I should have funds available OR Access to fund?? I am a 27 year old full time university student in Brasil studying languages and living with my grand parents. I wish to visit Australia for 6 weeks holiday in July this year. My family provide for all my financial needs. Thank you
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