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  1. Thank you for enlighting our minds, now me and my partner will just need to wait and hoping it will.get a positive result from immi.. Thanks alot!!!
  2. Hello hope everyone is ok.. Im actually bit confused right now.. I got a medical test the other week for bridging visa A..and since we apply partners visa last year and i havent take medical exam for my partners visa..we want to use the medical results for my partners visa but we just dont know how to do it.. And by the way,we logde first the partners visa last year offshore then we apply for tourist visa..and they grant 1year multiple entry need to exit aussie every 3months.. bcoz of the pandemic i cant go back home so they advice us to apply bridging visa A... so yeah im confused it with medical..on how we can use it for my partners visa.. Thanks a lot !!
  3. Hi everyone Me and my partner is in defacto relationship for 2years now.. we lodge the visa 309/100 last month... but then we are planning to get married next year here in philippines.. question is, does it affect the visa application that we had last month knowing that when we lodge the visa we are in defacto relationship.. or we just have to wait with ths visa result before we get married?? Thanks in advance for answering my question😊 Godbless😊
  4. Thanks for the reply. Now we have ideas what we do next.The information you have given is really a big big help to us..
  5. Hi every one Im here again to ask some questions about partner visa. My situation with my partner an australian citizen is complicated.. Hes been married before but they separated already for two years but legally he is still married to her..He also sponsor that partner visa to her..He in formed the immi that he will not longer the sponsor.. Question is.. well he able to sponsor again knowing that he is still legally married., 2nd what will be the best option for us..since we been together for year and half.. Hope you guys will give us insight on what to do.. Thank you
  6. You think i should'nt put it? The last time they grant me visa .. its multiple entry.. was thinking maybe its ok to put specific range of stay... Hope u can give me some advice wat to do after this refusal😢
  7. Yeah i do have a partner living there..thats why i keep coming there then out again.. . I honestly dont know wat to do now after i got refused
  8. I was here on this site hoping someone could give me advices and what to do next after my tourist visa refusal.. I apply my first tourist visa subclass 600 last december 2017 and it was good.. they give me multiple entry for one year.. Every 3months i exit australia bcoz it saids there that need to exit every 3months.. i comply all of it.. i did not over stay.. When i apply for subclass 600 visa again ..i got refused.. This is there findings: Findings On the basis of all the information available to me, including the documents and information the applicant provided, I find that the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream are not satisfied. Reasons I have assessed the application and the reasons for my decision are detailed below. An application for a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream has been made by the applicant. A visa cannot be granted unless the relevant criteria specified in the Migration Act and the Migration Regulations are satisfied. In this case, I am not satisfied that clause 600.211 in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations is satisfied. This clause provides that: 600.211 The applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose for which the visa is granted, having regard to: (a) whether the applicant has complied substantially with the conditions to which the last substantive visa, or any subsequent bridging visa, held by the applicant was subject; and (b) whether the applicant intends to comply with the conditions to which the Subclass 600 visa would be subject; and (c) any other relevant matter. In assessing whether or not the applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia, I have taken into account information provided in the application, the applicant's immigration history and compliance with previous visas. I have also taken into consideration any supporting documents as well as the applicant's personal circumstances, commitments, and incentive to return to their country of residence. My decision is based on the following factors Systems check show that since 17 December 2017, the applicant has spent an accumulated stay of 264 days in Australia. I also note the applicant last departed Australia on 10 November 2018 and has now re-applied to re-enter Australia for a stay of up to 6 months. I have concerns as to how often the applicant is visiting Australia and the length of each stay in Australia. In assessing whether the applicant meets the genuine temporary stay requirement I place significant weight on the applicant’s travel history. Per policy, a visitor would be expected to spend at least as much time out of Australia as in Australia. Based on the applicant’s known travel history, I find I cannot be satisfied the applicant meets the genuine temporary stay requirement. Although I acknowledge that the applicant have complied with the conditions of the visas previously granted, I am not satisfied that the applicant does not intend to continue to spend the majority of her time residing in Australia. Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant is a genuine visitor. I am not satisfied that the applicant’s personal circumstances support her claims that she intends to temporarily stay in Australia as a visitor. Therefore, I find that she does not meet clause 600.211. After considering the information provided, I am not satisfied that the applicant genuinely intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purposes set out above. Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant meets the relevant criteria in clause 600.211 in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations. Decision As clause 600.211 is not satisfied, I find the criteria for the grant of a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream are not satisfied. Therefore, I refuse the application by the applicant for a Visitor (Tourist) visa in the Tourist stream. Yours sincerely Katherine Position Number: 60081921 Department of Home Affairs 04 March 2019 Hope anyone here can answer my question.. i
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