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  1. Hello all, I have arrived in Australia on a tourist visa and have applied for a partner visa. We registered our relationship in Victoria to waive the 12 months for a de-facto relationship. We we are still waiting for the certificate and I know BDM are completely useless. I have submitted the receipt in the meantime but I am curious what a case officer would think if they were to look at my application now (not likely I know since the waiting time is around 2 years) Should I be worried? Thanks!
  2. Would it be implemented by default at the start of June, given that's when they change the fee???
  3. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems entering Australia on a tourist visa to apply for a partner visa but only having a one way ticket? I would have funds to suggest I could afford a return flight if the need be.
  4. Thanks for your input. We are slowly getting there haha. But:
  5. Please check the thread. I am now referring to registering a relationship
  6. Me again. Does anyone know where in England I can get my documents certified. Police officers and people who work at the bank keep telling me they are not allowed.
  7. Thanks everyone! Currently printing off the application form to register the relationship!
  8. Thanks everyone. It seems like a no brainer paying the extra $250 instead of risking the $7k. I would still like to apply for the visa on the merit of the relationship alone as if I weren't registering it (even though I will be registering it). Just to add weight to my application. So if I hypothetically applied 12 months from the day I moved in, would that satisfy the de-facto requirements?
  9. ok, so what about about delaying my trip back and applying 12 months from the day I moved into hers?
  10. Thanks AFV, I appreciate your time you invest in such a helpful forum! From the list you provided I don't see any criteria we don't satisfy. How long would you leave it then, before we apply? Would applying 12 months from the day I first moved in be better? Surely if they want couples to be together for 18 months then they would make that the requirement for a de-facto relationship.
  11. Looking for someones professional opinion on my situation. The plan is to apply for a partner visa but want confirmation that immigration will see our de-facto relationship as valid: -Met my girlfriend in July 2018. We weren't dating anyone else months leading up to our meeting and have only being seeing each other ever since. i.e we were mutually exclusive from day 1. (we have proof of the day we met) -Moved into her parents house in September 2018 -Returned to England, March 2019 and she will visit and meet my friends and family for 2 weeks in April. -I plan to return to Australia on an ETA with her and apply for a partner visa since by then we would have been together for more than 12 months. We have continuously kept proof of our relationship knowing that we needed it- I'm confident the evidence would suffice. (we have photos of us together and with mutual friends, joint accounts, joint travel, inclusion in each others wills, stat decs from both our parents and friends). My only concern is how immigration sees our relationship if we apply 12 months and 1 week since we met. In my eyes the relationship started the day we met as we are both very committed people, although, just want to confirm immigration sees it as we do. Any professional opinion would be greatly appreciated!
  12. With regards to the order in which applications are made: am I right with my understanding that a partner visa can be lodged and then the sponsor submits their application?
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