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  1. If a new joint account holds a fair bit of money I would expect that to hold considerable amount of weight. Putting your ‘money where your mouth is’ comes to mind
  2. I’ve read this a few times now and I really don’t think people should be advising people to not include stat decs. If it helps build your case, why not include as many as possible?
  3. I take it no one sees an issue with getting married after registering a relationship?
  4. Given the fact the date on the certificate is the date they printed it, not the date a couple applied, I believe this technicality is the reason. FYI, if people have been waiting months for their certificate a visit to BDM does prove fruitful. I waited in line for about 45 minutes but they printed it there and then after I explained how long we have been waiting. Could someone enlighten me with how getting engaged and then married affects a registered relationship and a partner visa application made on that basis? Does it complicate things or add weight to an application?
  5. Hello all, I have arrived in Australia on a tourist visa and have applied for a partner visa. We registered our relationship in Victoria to waive the 12 months for a de-facto relationship. We we are still waiting for the certificate and I know BDM are completely useless. I have submitted the receipt in the meantime but I am curious what a case officer would think if they were to look at my application now (not likely I know since the waiting time is around 2 years) Should I be worried? Thanks!
  6. Would it be implemented by default at the start of June, given that's when they change the fee???
  7. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems entering Australia on a tourist visa to apply for a partner visa but only having a one way ticket? I would have funds to suggest I could afford a return flight if the need be.
  8. Thanks for your input. We are slowly getting there haha. But:
  9. Please check the thread. I am now referring to registering a relationship
  10. Me again. Does anyone know where in England I can get my documents certified. Police officers and people who work at the bank keep telling me they are not allowed.
  11. Thanks everyone! Currently printing off the application form to register the relationship!
  12. Thanks everyone. It seems like a no brainer paying the extra $250 instead of risking the $7k. I would still like to apply for the visa on the merit of the relationship alone as if I weren't registering it (even though I will be registering it). Just to add weight to my application. So if I hypothetically applied 12 months from the day I moved in, would that satisfy the de-facto requirements?
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