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  1. We've been together since September 2018 so by the time we get married in April it would be 8 months of being together. We're currently in the process of renovating our house together to live in after the wedding. I guess my mind is thinking of the worse case scenario, being that he will have to leave the country in which all the plans for our wedding would be in shambles. It's just real nerve racking not knowing the unknown. In terms of his skilled workers visa, I recently learned that his migration officer lodged an appeal to the tribunal AAT as the initial application was rejected. Kinda feel like we're in limbo
  2. I'm an Australian citizen whilst my partner is from overseas. He is currently on a bridging visa whilst waiting for a skilled workers visa outcome he applied for before meeting me. We are getting married in 2 months. Dilemma is that how do we go abouts applying for the partner visa (we are not de facto)? This seems to be a situation where we are in limbo. Don't we have to wait until completely married before we even try applying online? If we have to wait 2 months but in the meantime he receives a negative outcome regarding his skilled workers visa, where does that leave us? this is all really confusing and I'd appreciate any advice. I called the home affairs department and the officer I spoke to wasn't very clear, I just became more nervous when he mentioned that my fiancé may be evicted from Australia even though we have a wedding in late April. Oh dear...
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