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  1. Hi all. Currently awaiting appeal as my 187 Visa was declined on the basis of my works nomination being refused. Although i do have a visa agent i am hesitant to trust what they say in relation to my chances. I've seen the success rate of appeals to be 31%. This doesn't give me much hope as i have like everyone built a life for myself here. what i want to ask is....I am in a relationship with an Australian citizen. We've been together over a year and dont want to separate. Does anyone know if its possible to apply for a defacto visa before the appeal and be able to still stay in the country? Ive been told that the only way to successfully be granted a partnership visa before the appeal is if the circumstances like dependency such as illness or having a child together would be true. Also ive been told that i would potentially have to wait for the visa appeal and if it deemed unsuccessful, apply for the partnership visa offshore! Which would mean 12 months long distance. Any help and advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
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