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  1. hello, still nothing, whenever we call we've just been told to wait and its in process - appreciate checks need to be done, but for a senior citizen with a UK passport wanting 3 weeks in Aus to see his family already living there (having visited a few years ago) it feels a long time
  2. 7th March was the submission, the processing is 19 to 27 days, not had any feedback
  3. Hello, unfortunately nothing came through, in fact still waiting/not heard anything at all! Everything's a bit messy!
  4. Hello Sorry me again, hoping someone picks this up! We are travelling today and unfortunately no visa having hit the 27 days of 90% being processed! Very anxious... Will call visa support centre when it opens shortly to see whats happening, but wanted to see if anyone had any last ditch suggestions as we've heard nothing (not even a query on my dads application). Of note all the documnetss needed are on the application, including his travel arrangements, hes even been to Australia twice before (last visit was 5 years ago) and we will be visiting family for an occasion which has been added to his application by one of the agents I spoke too... Thanks
  5. Thanks for acknowledging my post. I may well be clutching at straws, but just a couple of points, if anyone can comment: · We were thorough/careful with my dad’s application and not received any related questions since applying, one of the advisers indicated that the 10% falling outside 27 days are quite often applications where additional info is required – if there are any additional requests, should we normally find out early in the process? · The visa status on his IMMI Account has been on ‘received’ since submission (no change since), is the IMMI Account live/real time for updates or is there a time lag? Trying gauge from above if its moving in the right direction that's all... Thanks again
  6. Hello All Urgently trying to understand the status of a visa application for a planned trip to Australia… Prior to booking the trip, I noted the 651 (ETA visa), would work for my family travelling (that’s my mum, dad and daughter), as we all have British Passports! However, upon applying for the 651 visas online, my dads actually got rejected as he has a ‘British subject’ status on his British passport, and transpires he needs a Visitor visa 600 (tourist stream) - the rest of the family’s visas were approved immediately. Unfortunately processing times (at present) for this visa is between 19 to 27 days (for 90% of applications) – the 27th day of this time frame happens to be the day we are booked to fly next week (cutting it fine!!!), and still no sign of his visa (it’s been an anxious 23 days so far)… We’ve not had any questions back on his application, and I have been trying to get some clarity on the status but sadly no joy… The situation is proving to be very stressful, the financial implications aside (loss of flight/accommodation costs/other special measures), my dad is elderly and whole idea is we travelled as a family for an occasion, and unsure if I will get time like this ever again to accompany them. Does anyone have any advise, or reassurance on this situation? I’ve called up the official Home Affairs visa support center and been told to sit tight and wait as we area still in the processing window. Struggling to plan/think of a contingency, and even look forward to the holiday at present. Thanks
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