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  1. Sir/Madam, My husband is currently in work permit in Australia, from july 2018, but we have got married recently ,nov 2018. he will be there for next 6 to 8 months till the completion of his work. he is in IT industry. what more documents required. could you explain some more , why my visa got rejected, we don't have any idea of migration to Australia, currently. my husband is there temporarily.
  2. sir/madam, I've applied for tourist visa (sub class 600) for myself and my son, to visit my husband who is working there in work permit for 2 years. I want to visit Australia during coming vacation for a month. my husband is sponsoring our visit. I ve attached all documents online, and my visa got rejected as the visa officer is saying I am not a genuine tourist. I did not attach any property documents, but attached my bank statements and my husbands pay slip, tax papers and rent document, visa grant letter. I ll attach the rejection letter. can you please say if I attach my property documents, (the house in my name ), will myself and my son be granted visa. can you message asap as I have only a month time for my travel. thanking you regards Anitha
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