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  1. Hello AussieDude, thanks a lot for being so helpful and for your clarity on the matter. I am truly grateful:) Kathy
  2. Hello everyone. Anyone with experience can help please? In Form 47SP ( 820 visa), when ask about" Other names /spellings-- Is this applicant currently, or have ever been know by any other names ? ... I choose Yes . because 1) I had an English name Kathy since I was in College and I also used it in my previous work for easy communication . 2) I got married two month ago in Brisbane. I also used my husband last name sometimes in some situation. But my name is never officially changed. Those names are just known by, instead of changed... But for the part of uploading documents " Change of name, evidence of ..." "Provide evidence of any name change. This may include your marriage certificate or ....." In this part do I need to provide my marriage certificate again ( for using my husband's last name ) and a reference letter from my previous company ( addressing me Kathy)? Or I just ignore this part as my name not changed officially. I am not very sure about it .. Any help are highly appreciated! Thanks a lot and have a lovely weekend everyone! Gratitude
  3. Yes, then I will provide both accordingly. Thanks so much for your help.
  4. Hello all, may I know anyone from China here , or anyone with experience can help me please? I am preparing uploading documents for my onshore 820 visa, in the part of of Family register and composition form ( If applicable) --- It says "applicant applying from China should provide a copy of their Family Register Book (Hukou) and Form 54...." Some confused about it... I am Chinese, but I am applying my partner visa in Australia (onshore), instead of applying from China (offshore), so do I still need to provide the Family book and Form 54? or I do not need it at all? Thanks a lot and very appreciated your help. Gratitude
  5. Hello Aussiedude, I see! thank you so much for the clarification. I am truly grateful:)
  6. Hello all, I am preparing the relationship details for online form for my 820 visa, , and I read some ideas on the internet. They mentioned about " what date you considered your relationship to be official ?" May I know " consider the relationship to be official" are the same meaning as " commit yourselves to the exclusion of others " ? Are they the same thing, just different expression for it ? Thank you very much for your time. Sorry if my questions sounds silly, just want to clarify. Gratitude
  7. 1/1 plus the year I know with an explanation. That is a good idea. Thank you very much for your help.
  8. We do not celebrate the birthday much.
  9. Thank you very much Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciated.
  10. Hello all, I am very happy to find this forum which is quite helpful for partner visa application. I am currently preparing the 820/801 visa, I got a question about Immediate Family Member information on Page 12 Form 47 online. My mother passed away in 2005. My families do not know which is her exact date of birth apart from the year she was born. And we can not track her birth info anywhere as she deceased long time ago. But we know her deceased date info. Can I can put her Deceased Date instead of DOB, then attaching a statement in the supporting document ? Thank you so much for your help! Gratitude
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