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  1. Hi cryptotech I am sponsor in OZ and she is in HCMC we applied for visa 300 Feb 2020 I can recommend IST. Sydney/ HCMC. Miss Ho Thi Bich Hanh (Perfect English) is located in OZ. 14/46 Hill Str, Cabramatta, 2166 NSW, +61 02 8764 3788, Mob +61 406 888 639, www.istservices.org Her office is also in HCMC. Mr. Tran Anh Duy (Perfect English). 162B Dien Bien Phu Street, Phuong 6, Quan 3, HCMC, +84 08 6290 6968, +84 09 7534 6680 I would be happy to give you more information if you need any Bernard
  2. Hi smac26, We went through an Immi agent in Sydney, unfortunalty he does not return calls nor reply to my emails, I even went to his office, it is a hourly rented office. but no one was there I guess the gov has not contacted him, anyway it is too early to get an answer, we only applied in October 2018 What about on your side, any progress? Cheers
  3. Hi rsvp2318 We are in the same situation, we lodged the 309/100 in October. IMMI asked for the photometric in December, it has been done the same month. We are in waiting time too.
  4. Thank you AussieDude for the reply.
  5. Thank you niloo for the information. Well....When it will be, it will be! I will check again around the 18th.
  6. Thank you AFV for your answer
  7. Hi Australian Forum, Since I applied for the visa 309/100 the processing time has been shorten up by 4 months (Now 14 months). I applied for the visa 309/100 mid October 2018 the processing time was 18 months then I should receive the answer by mid April 2020. With the new processing time, can I expect an answer 4 months early? (Mid December 2019) or when? Thank you for your help Nardi
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