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  1. joe_nash

    Lodged 189 Visa

    Thank you for the reply.
  2. Hi Can someone please assist me? I lodged a 189 visa with my 3 year old child. I got CO contact to show that my relationship with the child's mother has ended (not sure why since we were not married or in a de facto relationship). In the mean time I got a girlfriend that I declared when I lodge the 189 visa and got engaged to her while waiting for grant. Should I update my change of circumstances?
  3. joe_nash

    Applying Partner Visa (309)

    Hi Me and my 4 year old son (from South Africa) recently got our PR grant (subclass 189) on 4 April 2019 with first entry as 19 Nov 2019. I am not together with my child's mother and plan to get married to my girlfriend in Jul 2019. Me and my girlfriend started dating 3 years ago (but have not been living together during this time) and got engaged in Mar 2019 (started living together). Am I eligible to immediately sponsor her on a spouse visa (309) as from today? We plan to visit Australia in Oct 2019, and settle there as from Jan 2020.