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  1. Generally yes. Spaces and all characters be it letters, numbers or punctuation are counted.
  2. Thanks @AussieDude Do you have a link for the online application? There are many we have found but these are nothing more than a portal to upload documents to fast track the documents required but we still must attend the head offices in Indonesia for collection. When you say Embassy in your local city would this also be the Indonesia Consulate (for Brisbane)? Lastly how does one go about getting finger prints to submit with our application (providing we can apply onshore)?
  3. haha so true @SammyJ. We've also found about 90% who work in the Indonesian Embassy and Police services don't even know the right information or how to access it. Probably the reason you need to visit 5 different offices just for 1 piece of paper. Their systems and staff really are outdated and uninformed.
  4. When they state 12 months is that cumulatively or in one period ?
  5. Code 33 (for immigration purposes) - when selecting the reason for the AFP Police check
  6. Thanks @SammyJ for the above info. We have visited this site and emailed them directly however get no response. That along with calling their numbers and about 10 other numbers. The processes and systems for acquiring documents in Indonesian are very backwards and a lot of going here and going there and back here and back there.
  7. We applied onshore and as my partner has lived in a few countries for work purposes we are just preparing how we go about getting Police checks from those countries. Indonesia being her home country, we will be required to get one from there however we are finding it almost impossible to contact anyone in regards to gaining a Police check without having to physically travel back to Indonesia which would mean applying for a BVB not to mention the $2,000 flight costs etc etc just to get the Police check. We have called the Indonesian Embassy in Australia so many times and there is no answer. We have called the Head Police offices in Jakarta, no one answers. Has anyone here obtained an Indonesian Police check before whilst remaining onshore? Seems absurd we would have to go through the whole process of obtaining a BVB just to travel to get a Police check all within the timeframe of the request to supply further documents along with other country Police checks and medicals..
  8. Thanks @AFV - yes sorry I meant 820
  9. I don't believe health insurance is mandatory. My partner was on VV and had no health insurance when we recently applied for her 820. Once you have submitted your 820 application you are eligible to enrol in Medicare which is what my partner has just done. There are some Visa requirements which health insurance is mandatory though the 820 is not to my knowledge on that list.
  10. We recently submitted our 620 application on 11 June and my wife's BVA became effective 16 July. Her BVA states Unlimited Work Entitlements. My question is - if my wife was to start working so soon after our application was made would IMMI look at our application any differently? e.g. As in the purpose of her wanting to migrate to Australia?
  11. Q.9 Also asks for the place @AussieDude which is why I'm so confused. If Q,9 is first time (regardless of online, or in person) I'd be putting the internet for the Place on Q.9 and Q.10.. If I put the date we physically first met in Q.9 and reference that date for Q.11 it's going to be 9 days.
  12. Getting confused as to the series of questions regarding relationship history as sometimes they say met in person and other times just say met. Could anyone shed some light on what I should be answering? 9. When and where did you and your fiancé(e) or partner first meet? - Is this asking when we first physically met in person as Q.10 addresses that.. ? 10. How did you and your fiancé(e) or partner meet (eg. in person, internet, telephone, introduction by friends)? If you did not meet in person at this time, when and where did you first physically meet? 11. How long after you met did you and your fiancé(e) or partner begin a relationship? - Is this asking when we first physically met in person?
  13. In regards the the 820 spouse visa changes.. My understanding is this change will automatically change in June regardless of if it's been changed over prior to June. Is this correct? We are looking to lodge our application early next week through an Agent and they told us there's no need to worry about the changes as "they" had not had any updates from IMMI regarding the changes? That's all well and good but IF these changes are automatic after a certain date in June why would IMMI alert migration agents anyways? Should we be worried about getting our application lodged before the change or can we take the Agents word and not worry?
  14. Cheers @AFV That was a good read. Thanks for sharing.
  15. @AFV Just out of curiosity, I know IMMI can refuse to grant a visa before ones actions or if they feel their intentions are not to enter as a visitor but my question is, can they enforce a termination of someones visa after they have been granted whilst applying for another visa?
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