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  1. Great. Thanks @SammyJ
  2. My wife and I applied for our 820 Partner visa in June 2019. After her BVA came into effect she applied for an TFN (Tax File Number) in preparation for when she does begin to work. Since receiving her TFN she has not worked or been employed. Q. Since she has a TFN is she still required to complete a tax return?
  3. That was a really quick result for your 1st 820 part. Congratulations on the 801 result :)
  4. Assuming your VV has the condition of no work rights no. I don't believe so as your BVA is not in effect. From ATO website: You can apply for a tax file number online if you meet these three conditions: You are a foreign passport holder, permanent migrant or temporary visitor. You are already in Australia. Your visa is one of the following: a permanent resident visa a visa with work rights an overseas student visa a visa allowing you to stay in Australian indefinitely (including New Zealanders automatically granted a visa on arrival).
  5. If all criteria must be meet at time of lodgement how much actual weight is given to documents uploaded later on? We applied in June 2019 and our agent recently requested we send them any updates or documents in evidence of our relationship so these could be uploaded to our application. New documents I will be submitting show our commitment is ongoing such as the signing of a new lease in both our names and newly opened utility accounts in both our names. Am I to believe these new documents would hold very little weight?
  6. There is a waiting room thread here for the 820/801 partner visa applications https://www.australianvisaforum.com/topic/11967-temporary-partner-visa-subclass-820-waiting-room-20182019
  7. We applied on 11th June 2019 and have submitted everything all but Police checks and Medicals. Also received acknowledgement of application letter and Bridging Visa grant letter. No news or requests as yet.
  8. The only documents we had certified and witnessed for our 820 application were the Forms 888 and our individual statutory declaration forms. As others have mentioned, clear legible colour scans of your original documents are fine.
  9. Thanks @AFV for the info. I also remembering reading applicants have sometimes had to request extra time in obtaining Police checks. As you mentioned, it is important to show IMMI steps have been taken.
  10. When I last checked.. to get a Police check specifically for Hong kong you had to wait for an official request letter from the Department? Was this the case when you first acquired your Hong kong Police check? I understand your frustration in getting overseas Police checks. Trying to get one from Indonesia is hell! Looks like we will be paying roughly $2,000 just for flights and accommodations as my partner will most likely have to attend their offices in person. All just to get a $3 Police check Yes there are online systems in place but when we've called them, and emailed them there is no response. The online checks are nothing more than a portal to send documents and a request prior to visiting in person. 100% frustration and add to that the 28 days request time in receiving the documents. Wouldn't it be great if Immigration took all the responsibility in sourcing applicants Police checks from countries.
  11. I just checked the form our agent emailed me in June after they had informed me our online application was made. 40SP (Design date 11/10) - Page 15
  12. Thanks guys for all your helpful replies. Especially @AFV for explaining the process in detail with me via PM. Just thought I would give you a heads up regarding our agents request for additional information. I wrote to our agent first thing this morning requesting an explanation for the request. I have posted my email and our agents response. Dear XXX (agent), Just wondering if you could clear something up for me regarding my online sponsorship application. It was my understanding this process had switched from the old paper application over a year ago and was a requirement to do online so I am a bit confused as to why this information is only being requested now almost 6 months after our application was made.Was my sponsorship part of our application not done back in June as the online switch happened quite some time ago? Regards M Agents reply Dear M, Just to clarify, the paper and online applications are both accepted by the department. I can confirm that your paper sponsorship form was submitted when we lodged the visa in June. We are just wanting to cover all bases and update any details as we do not know how long for sure your visa will take to process and if/when the department will start only accepting online sponsorship forms. Regards, XXXX (agent)
  13. So if this has been a requirement for the past year AND considering we only applied in June can I assume my 40SP form was never submitted by our agent? If yes would this also have stalled our applications progress or being assigned to a case officer?
  14. My partner and I applied for her 820 back in June. We used a migration agent and had completed and submitted everything for a decision ready application (all but the medicals) Our agent has just emailed me stating the below. I am really confused. If my sponsorship details were already submitted why would we need to make another application? Can someone explain what the agent is talking about and why I need to make another application as the sponsor? I do remember on form 40SP I had to list countries I have lived for 12 months(in total) or more during the last 10 years but I don't remember seeing any questions asking me for my travel history for the last 10 years. Dear M, We have just drafted an online sponsorship form for you. You have already completed a paper version at the time of lodgement however the department is switching over to an electronic based system. The only additional details we will need for you is your travel history for the past 10 years. Once we have this information and you approve the application we can lodge it. Thanks all
  15. Generally yes. Spaces and all characters be it letters, numbers or punctuation are counted.
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