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  1. @AFV: one passport photo of the applicant? Or two? Or for both applicant and sponsor?
  2. I have submitted my partner visa application. I added a statutory declaration from the landlord. I still find it hard to satisfy the evidence for the length of the de facto relationship and evidence that we live together. We don’t have utilities bills, mail goes to our PO box because we live in a non-delivery area. What else can I use as evidence in our situation?
  3. @Nightcall it’s not that straight forward at all and that has nothing to do with my understanding of the English language! English might not be my first language, I’m from Sweden, but my English is pretty darn good if I may say so myself. When you click the ? it says this: Give details of all countries resided in for a period of 12 months in total, in the past 10 years since turning 16. The period of time spent in a country may be non-consecutive, but must still be included if it is 12 months or over in total. If you stayed in a country for more than 12 months cumulatively (!) in the last 10 years, I believe it should fall under the “countries resided” section if you read the above. I have visited/ resided in Australia for more than 12 months cumulatively (first a 3 months visit, now back on a WHV for about 9 months now). I’ve resided at the same address both times. Under the section “countries visited” it says to list countries that you have visited for less than 12 months in total. Some people think you only have to list the last address you lived at in that country, others think that you should name all the addresses you lived at in the last 10 years. So no, apparently it’s not that clear to everyone. I have emailed AFV to do a review of my visa application before I submit it, but I haven’t heard anything back. They’re probably very busy.
  4. And if you’ve visited countries a few times and cumulatively you’ve visited that country for more than 12 months should you apply those visits in the “countries resided” section instead of the “countries visited” section?
  5. @AFV: could you shed some light on this? Apparently there’s a lot of confusion about how to correctly fill out the countries resided/visited section. What’s the right interpretation?
  6. So I only have to fill out my last address + dates that I lived there in Sweden?
  7. Any updates? My current WHV expires on 19 August 2019, so I would like to submit my application before the changes commence.
  8. Thank you all for helping me out by replying. I found a date overlap somewhere, so that hurdle is fixed Almost ready to submit my application now! The only thing I need to know how to fill out is the countries resided section. Do I fill out my last address in Sweden with the date I’ve spent on that exact address or do I fill out the last address with the date I’ve spent in Sweden?
  9. After filling out all the dates of every visit to different countries I get an error message. Is this because I have visited certain countries many times? Can you only fill out 1 visit to each country? An error has occurred The table in 'Visited' contains duplicate entries. The duplicate entry should be deleted or amended.
  10. So I only need to put in the last address of the countries I resided in? So do I fill out the date that I’ve spent on that last address or the date I’ve spent in that country? Also, I’ve spent about 12 months cumulatively in Australia now. First I went for a 3 month visit and now I’m back here living in Australia for 9 months now. So do I fill this out in “countries resided?” If so, do I fill out both dates? And what do I put in as the end date, since I’m still residing here?
  11. Hi, Which of the documents do I need to get certified before uploading? Do I have to provide the divorce papers of my partner + the translation or will just the certified translation do? And do I upload his documents in the sponsorship rather than attach it to my own application? Thanks a heap for your time and advice!
  12. I didn’t stay in another country for more than 12 months in total.
  13. I have asked the council where I lived in my former home country. Hopefully they can give me all the information as for from when till when I lived on what address. I’ve only traveled within Europe, so there’s no stamps in my passport. I don’t have the pictures here and neither do I have social media accounts. I’ve erased most emails after I have read them unless there’s very important information in there. So it’s really hard if not impossible to get accurate information about the dates of the countries visited.
  14. @AussieDude I just checked and it does not have condition 8513. Thanks anyway!
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