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  1. Hi, Just hoping to chime in here. Would you recommend translating things like boarding passes for planes? As these have a relatively universal layout and not that much written text. Thanks.
  2. That’s awesome, congratulations! Where was your visa processed? I’ve read a few posts by Latin American applicants and it appears the processing time can be quite short. Hoping for the same luck for my fiancé in Peru!
  3. Does anyone know how soon into the processing time the requests for medical and police checks approximately come? My migration agent told me it would be quite a bit further down the line but reading some of the posts in this forum, it appears they can come quite quickly.
  4. Just applied for the PMV! What a process it has been already! Date of Application: 21/01/2020 Nationality of Applicant: Venezuelan Country of Residence: Peru We received the automated request for biometrics which we will be completing on the 4th. Interested to hear if we have any other South American applicants!
  5. Thanks all! I think perhaps my migration agent is getting us to set ours up as a stat dec. Will be careful on those dates!
  6. Hi, I'm in the process of applying for the PMV from overseas in Peru where my partner and I live. I know the relationship statement needs to be witnessed as a stat declaration, but I was wondering who could do this whilst living overseas? There a lot of notaries here in Cusco, but I'm not sure if that is sufficient. Thank you for your help.
  7. Hi there, I'm about to start the process for a Prospective Marriage Visa, I am an Australian citizen and my partner is a Venezuelan national. I had a question regarding the requirement to be married within 9 months after the visa grant date. We are both only 24 and I'll be spending all my life savings on this visa. Obviously we do very much want to get married and I am happy to become legally married to him at this time. However, is it necessary to show proof that you'll be having a full ceremony with friends and family? We'd definitely rather have a "second" sort of marriage once we both have saved some money after we are established in Australia. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I am an Australian citizen and am in a partnership with a Venezuelan national. We plan on applying for either a prospective marriage visa or a partner visa in 2020. However, the situation is complicated as his passport has expired and an extension can only be applied for from outside the country for an additional two years. It is also near impossible to get a new passport in Venezuela due to the current situation. We could wait and apply for the extension at the same time as the visa application. I was hoping to inquire about the average processing times for both visas and any factors which affect them? Also, what are the requirements regarding the validity of the passport for entry to Australia? Thank you very much.
  9. Hi, I am a 24 year old Australian citizen who is in a serious relationship with my 24 year old Venezuelan boyfriend. We both live in Cusco, Peru where I moved two months ago however the plan is that we will eventually move to Australia under either the Prospective Marriage/Partner Visa (we currently live together). I understand that due to the situation in Venezuela, citizens from this country have been denied visitors and student visas for Australia. I was hoping to inquire if there may be potential challenges in acquiring a permanent partner visa? We are in a legitimate and long-term relationship. I am also curious regarding the financial requirements for sponsors? I am a full-time university student, and do not expect that I will be able to get a solid job until I return to Australia. Thankfully my parents will be able to help me out, but I was wondering whether the visa required an actual income rather than just a proof of sufficient amount? Thanks so much!
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