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  1. visa123

    Onshore Partner Visa Questions

    Thank you both. It also mentions we must include time apart. Does this include when I have traveled for work for max 2 weeks at a time?
  2. visa123

    Onshore Partner Visa Questions

    Hi AFV, I know you need to have statements regarding your relationship for the application. I have written a statement of about 6 pages so far detailing from the first day we met and including all the special dates, events etc. Is this fine? With each event on the statement I have in brackets which evidence to refer to such as photos or return air tickets. Will this cover a statement including all aspects of the 4 pillars or is it better to have a separate statement covering each pillar?
  3. visa123

    Onshore Partner Visa Questions

    Thank you, one last question. Once I arrive in Australia on a visitor visa. Is there a certain time period I have to wait before submitting the Onshore partner application?
  4. visa123

    Offshore partner visa advice

    Hi, I know it sounds easy since you have been together for so long. My partner and I are together 4 years and it’s taken over 2 weeks to get our application close to ready. It’s a lot of work to get your evidence, pictures and statements 100% right. Start with all of this way before applying the visa. I would say if you can afford a agent, do it. With such a high visa application cost you don’t want to risk it being rejected.
  5. So can you apply and only submit all your documents in a later stage?
  6. visa123

    Onshore Partner Visa Questions

    Thanks, will do. I know we have to live together for more than 12 months, this counts even though we lived together in South Africa right?
  7. Hi. So since the new rules weren’t implemented today. Any idea when they will be?
  8. visa123

    Onshore Partner Visa Questions

    Thank you. Is there an agency you can recommend that will be able to look through our application package and documents to see if it is ready to submit?
  9. visa123

    Onshore Partner Visa Questions

    Thanks. I am the applicant and will be in Australia when I apply. But my partner (Australia PR) will be in South Africa still. Her PR expired last year May so she has got a RRV. Is this still fine? She will be in Australia in the next 3 months.
  10. Hi There,I have a question regarding The Australian Partner Visa. My De Facto partner and I have been in a relationship for 4 years now and qualify for a partner visa. She is a Permanent Resident. We would like to do an onshore application, this is where the question comes in. Can I do the partner visa application in Australia while she is here in South Africa. Reason being is I can travel there sooner than she can and we would like to submit before the new rules come in on 10 June 2019. Please ask if you need more information?