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  1. I don’t think so. As long as they are on a valid visa at all times.
  2. Hello team. We would like to update our information since we have moved into a new apartment etc. Do we just upload our new lease agreement and joint statements with a updated relationship statement? What’s the best way?
  3. Partner visa. Thank you
  4. Hi there, Does anyone know if you are taxed as a resident while working on a BVA?
  5. A member of the family unit is dependant children and/or your spouse. You do not need to list Australian PR or citizens here. Source: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-text/eplus/Pages/elp-h0175.aspx
  6. Hi All, We have a application in for on-shore partner visa. We have moved into our own place. Do I just use the update address under update details section of the application?
  7. Hi there, Some of my notes below regarding your post: Both the applicant and the sponsor need to submit a relationship statement, must be signed and dated by the writer. Any photos should have captions with them: for example (left to right: Jason, Tommy, applicant, sponsor) etc. Immi needs to know what is going on in each image. Flight tickets showing both your names, hotel reservations etc are good. Not too many though. If the joint account has regular transactions from both of you then you can upload it, but if there aren't transactions then it wont be considered as good evidence. Regarding the police checks, you could do it now but should they be expired by the time they look at your application they will ask for new ones, costing you more money. You mentioned you are applying for 820 visa, that is an onshore visa meaning you can't apply for that visa while in UK. Just make sure you are applying for the right visa. Let me know if you have any other questions. Goodluck! *I am not a registered migration agent, all above notes are from my own experience.
  8. golden rule is normally Quality over Quantity with the evidence. Work well with your relationship statements. With bank statements, I did 2 bank statements per year, Highlighting important transactions, you can choose What will show your best interests. Rather do form 80, sometimes they ask for it. take a look at the partner visa section of this forum, really good advice and help.
  9. Good luck! We also just lodged for 820, so much paperwork! yes, BVA should come through immediately via email and will be valid until decision is made on the 820
  10. 2. She will receive the bridging visa immediately, it will be active after the current period of stay ends, so yes 17 June. Providing she doesn’t have a 8503 condition on her tourist visa 3. yes, she will be eligible for Medicare and have working rights. Note: she can get Medicare from the date of application, she doesn’t have to wait for her bridging visa to be active. 4. yes, if she wants to leave and return, she will need to be granted a bridging visa B also note, the processing time of a partner visa is well into 2 years.
  11. Hi there my partner is a PR as secondary to her father on 189. The rest of her family is eligible for citizenship now but she isn’t. Does that matter since her visa is related to her father which will now become a citizen?
  12. Hi there, I have applied for 820, I’m still on visitor visa so can’t work now. My bridging visa starts on 7 May. can I apply for a tax file number now already so everything is sorted to start working 7 May or do I have to wait for the bridging visa to be active?
  13. Thank you! I came right at another centre. I am now having issues with linking medicare to myGov account but will try sort that out over the phone.
  14. Hi, I cant seem to find. much online, but under my application I have recommended forms to be attached but each forms seems to ask the same questions, the forms are Form 80 and Forms 1221. Do I need to upload both of these?
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