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  1. Hi there. I know you can only apply online now but is there anyway I can get a paper application for the onshore partner application? I really just want to get familiar with all the questions and application so long?
  2. HI, I have submitted a visitor visa application, upon reviewing my application I see I inserted the wrong issue and expiry date of my passport (One day off), how bad is this? there is a clear copy of my passport attached to the application?
  3. Hi there, We are almost about ready to lodge an onshore PV application, but I have a few last things I want to make 100% sure of please, I hope you can bear through this with me. 1. We are engaged :D, since the partner visa process is so long, should we get married in the processing time, will this negatively effect our application? 2. I (Non Aus resident, applicant) have written the relationship statement covering from when we met until current, should my partner (Aus resident, partner) write her own or will her signature on mine be fine? 3. In the above mentioned statement, I have mentioned many events, travel etc. With each event, in brackets I put which document the CO should refer to for proof, pictures etc, is this ok? 4. With the above mentioned pictures, I have listed under the picture from left to right each persons name and surname, will this suffice? 5. Once I am granted a bridging visa, Do I have to wait for that to become my active visa before applying for medicare? 6. For everything other "Pillar" of the application I have also written a short statement explaining how we share money, household chores etc, will my partner signature on these be fine? I also refer to other documents for proof. 7. My partner (Aus resident) has her first PR expire, she was granted a RRV and needs to be in AUS before July 2020, does this still make her eligible to be my sponsor? Any other advise? Any hints at when the new partner visa laws come in? Thank you so much in advance.
  4. Thank you for your reply. Yes, our statements do show the money leaving my account and entering her account. Then we can show that the total amount is going into the landlord account number as per the rental agreement.
  5. Hello everyone, My partner and I have been together almost 5 years, living together for 2. We share the rent but it gets paid from my partners account and then I pay my half into her account. So obviously we are going to upload bank statements showing the money leaving my account and arriving in hers but should we upload all 2 years worth of statements or maybe 1 statement from each quarter of the year? What would be best as it will be many statements?
  6. Hi there, My current VV expires on 8 August 2019. I would like to apply for another one around October/November to be granted in time for December. Will this be fine or will it be too soon since my last one and raise red flags for immigration? P.S: I was on holiday for 2 weeks in Mel in July.
  7. Hi there, I have a question, we are planning on applying for a partner visa (onshore) this year. I know the wait for the visa is a very long one, during this wait I would like to propose. Would this have any negative impact on the visa application? Would it be better to wait until after the visa grant? We have always planned a long engagement period to save for wedding costs thus not looking at the PM visa. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, would it look bad on my record if I did not use my tourist visa? I am struggling with my work schedule and the ticket prices are much higher now.
  9. I applied on the 26th of March and received my visa on the 8th of May
  10. Hi @AFV I would just like to find out. If the applicant for their RRV meets the personal substantial ties, is it a standard travel validity they will get on their visa? For example will they get 12 months? Or is this on a per case basis?
  11. Hi @AFVhas your RRV from 4 April been granted as yet?
  12. Hi There, I am from South Africa, this will be my second VV. No issues such as overstay or anything like that.
  13. Hi, I would just like to know, I submitted my Visitor 600 visa on 26 March 2019, with estimated processing time of 18-28 days. I have still not received my visa or an update. Should I enquire via email or leave it a little longer?
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