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  1. Hi there, I have a question, we are planning on applying for a partner visa (onshore) this year. I know the wait for the visa is a very long one, during this wait I would like to propose. Would this have any negative impact on the visa application? Would it be better to wait until after the visa grant? We have always planned a long engagement period to save for wedding costs thus not looking at the PM visa. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, would it look bad on my record if I did not use my tourist visa? I am struggling with my work schedule and the ticket prices are much higher now.
  3. I applied on the 26th of March and received my visa on the 8th of May
  4. Hi @AFV I would just like to find out. If the applicant for their RRV meets the personal substantial ties, is it a standard travel validity they will get on their visa? For example will they get 12 months? Or is this on a per case basis?
  5. Hi @AFVhas your RRV from 4 April been granted as yet?
  6. Hi There, I am from South Africa, this will be my second VV. No issues such as overstay or anything like that.
  7. Hi, I would just like to know, I submitted my Visitor 600 visa on 26 March 2019, with estimated processing time of 18-28 days. I have still not received my visa or an update. Should I enquire via email or leave it a little longer?
  8. So has anyone seen any indiction of when the new rules will be implemented? I cant seem to find any information online.
  9. Thank you. What are the requirements for "immediate" grant, by that I mean that it is not a complex case?
  10. Hi there, I find the processing time for a Resident Return Visa so far from others, currently it is 2-58 days. Although I have read that most times it is normal quicker than this. How long did some of you wait? Subclass 155 by the way.
  11. Thank you both. It also mentions we must include time apart. Does this include when I have traveled for work for max 2 weeks at a time?
  12. Hi AFV, I know you need to have statements regarding your relationship for the application. I have written a statement of about 6 pages so far detailing from the first day we met and including all the special dates, events etc. Is this fine? With each event on the statement I have in brackets which evidence to refer to such as photos or return air tickets. Will this cover a statement including all aspects of the 4 pillars or is it better to have a separate statement covering each pillar?
  13. Thank you, one last question. Once I arrive in Australia on a visitor visa. Is there a certain time period I have to wait before submitting the Onshore partner application?
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