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  1. Thank you! I came right at another centre. I am now having issues with linking medicare to myGov account but will try sort that out over the phone.
  2. Hi, I cant seem to find. much online, but under my application I have recommended forms to be attached but each forms seems to ask the same questions, the forms are Form 80 and Forms 1221. Do I need to upload both of these?
  3. Thank you, gives me some hope. I will go on Monday to a different branch and see if they can help.
  4. Hi Sammy, I received my letter today with the grant of Bridging Visa A. When I went to Centre link they said I have to wait for the Bridging Visa to be active and can’t apply now. Is this true? Or did I maybe get someone that hasn’t dealt with my visa type before?
  5. Hi all, the question on the partner visa application asking what date did the sponsor arrive in Australia, what should I say since my sponsor has been in and out of the country. Should I put the first date they arrived or the last date?
  6. Thanks. Maybe I can combine all images into one pdf per year? then one pdf for all travel tickets etc, one for all bank statements...
  7. Oh no! I’m at around 70 uploads for evidence. We have been together for a while and have so much travel together so a lot of evidence.
  8. HI, Just wondering, what would you say too immigration if you are going to Australia on a tourist visa but plan to apply for an onshore partner visa, should they question you at the airport before entry?
  9. @AussieDude @Aussie_83 regarding the relationship statements: we both have our own statements with all important dates matching. Is it fine if my sponsors statement has some added events compared to mine? Or do they have to be identical?
  10. Does this include the sponsor application? Online it says the application may be refused if not revived in time? Will they also request the certificates for the sponsor?
  11. Thank you so much. regarding my bridging visa, my visitor visa has multiple entries for 1 year each entry valid for 3 months. so does my bridging visa come into effect when the visa expires after 1 year or after the 3 months from date on entry?
  12. HI There, First off, I would just like to say thank you for this forum, it has great quality information and help. It has saved me a lot of stress. Myself and my partner are now basically ready to lodge our partner visa application (Onshore) after close to a year of preparation. Before we lodge we have some last questions, some might sound silly so I apologise and thank you in advance for helping us with these: 1. We have both completed in depth relationship statements starting from the day we first met in a story setting stating all important dates and then in brackets pointing to the relevant evident (Plane tickets, images, bank statements etc), we hope this will cover each of the four pillars as it is quite detailed. Although for each pillar we have a short document as a summary and again pointing to all evidence relevant to that pillar. Will this suffice? 2. Evidence type: We are aware that we should try for everything to be in PDF. For proof to show we share the rent for example, we both have bank statements with the relevant fields highlighted and the same with "Random" statements showing we have sent money to each other over the last few years, will this suffice? 3. We have lived together for the past few years in South Africa and now plan to continue our lives in Australia (Melbourne). For the first few weeks we will be staying with her parents in Australia, will we show this as our address in Australia? And will the department have an issue with us living with her parents for the first few weeks? 4. Once we get our own place in Australia, how do we update the department on our new address and new situation? Since all our evidence will be relating to our address we stayed together at in South Africa? Do we start to gather new evidence and then upload an updated relationship statement with all the new information? I think that is it for now, thank you again!!
  13. Hi there, Please confirm? 1. If I get police checks from my home country South Africa, are these also only valid for 12 months? 2. Do I need my medical history from South Africa or only the health check from Bupa once requested?
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