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  1. Hi My wife VISA 600 (allow to stay 3 months per entry) will be expired in Nov. Can she request to extend further stay 3 months or 6 months while submitting the VISA 600 application? Currently, her 600 VISA can stay up to 3 months, in the case, usually, will apply 3 months new 600VISA or 6 months 600 VISA ?
  2. If any migration agent has way to help, welcome to contact me . Thanks
  3. Hi, My husband submit VISA 600 on-line for family re-union , and taking care soon to be born child during convid 19 period. it has been more than a month, but nothing is processed. due to the oversea processing center has been closed. My delivery date is due on next month. it's urgently waiting him to come to AU before the baby delivery, so, in this case, any communication channel I can talk to IMM to check whether they will process/access the VISA application or not ? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks. Actually, the applicant need to submit form 80 too ? Anyone applied recent, which included form 80 or being asked to submit form 80 ?
  5. Hi, My husband is applying partner visa offshore, beside my husband need to fill in form 80, Sponsor need to fill in form 80 also ?
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