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  1. As far as I know, you do not need to be granted a visa for you to be enrolled to Medicare. Only making a valid partner visa subclass 820 is enough. You cannot speed up the visa process. The only problem I can see about being pregnant is that it is not advisable to to chest x-ray as it may affect the unborn baby. Chest x-ray may be required as part of the medicals which will be used to make a valid application. Also most medical insurances have a 12 months waiting period for pregnancy before you can use them, so that plan of delivering the baby using medicare may not work
  2. Congratulations @editha It's our turn to wait now
  3. Congratulations! Wow that was quick. It's 4 months waiting now for me
  4. Congratulations! What was your timeline like and from where did you apply? As for your question, no it is not compulsory to have a return ticket.
  5. Why do you need Australian passport to live in the UK, or more generally, why do you need another country's passport other than the one you currently hold to live in the UK?
  6. @Papion The above comment clearly shows that you have difficulty in understanding plain English. @Nightcall did not claim that you said you wanted to go to the US. You need to start reading to understand rather than reading to reply. You need a legal representative who can understand the legal English, which is much much harder than the everyday English that you are struggling with.
  7. @Papion The reason everyone seems to be discouring you is that they see you have no basis to win the case, myself included. In fact, what I have seen from this post is people helping you. Even though they believe you have no basis they still helped you. What was being stressed is that you seek legal advice. Let me ask you point blank. Why are you refusing to seek legal advice and insist on doing this yourself? The problem is that you only accept guidance or opinion if it supports what you want. That kind of approach is dangerous because you are refusing honest assessments from all the people here. Would it have been better if everyone lied and told you what you wanted to hear? It's better to accept the truth given the facts at hand rather than just pleasing you with lies. I have also observed that you are failing to understand or interpret correctly what is being communicated both on this forum and on your correspondence with both immi and their legal representative. Sometimes you fail to understand the English correctly. No need to argue about this, really. It is in your best interest to seek legal advice. No one is telling you not to fight for your cause but it is much better to do that through a legal representative.
  8. @2jzrz It seems you are filling in the actual form. Why aren't you doing this online?
  9. Help me out I am confused here. Someone is asking for help and at the same time brags and abuses the people who are freely trying to help?
  10. @Yara Habarneh I have noticed that when logging in to immi there is a notice soon after logging in to disregard the action required flag for Health Assessment Character assessment Biometrics Additional payment requirement if you have already provided them. They acknowledge that it is a known system issue
  11. Hi, Which country did you apply from and was it onshore subclass 820 or offshore subclass 309? How long did you wait for the visa after application?
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