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  1. 1 year multiple entry . but what is the maximum stay per entry?
  2. 1. I don't think just applying for a visa will cancel but when the 300 visa is granted, it will supersede any other visas currently held. 2. 300 is an offshore visa. You have to be outside Australia when you apply and when it is finalised
  3. @AFV Correction. A partner offshore visa subclass is 309 and not 820. Also PMV is an offshore visa and cannot be converted to an onshore visa which is 820
  4. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know when the visa could be granted.
  5. Was there no better way of expressing this?
  6. If you have any hope of obtaining an australian visa in the future, it is in your best interest that you resolve this issue
  7. I would carry the current and the most recent expired passport for a while until I have travelled a bit with the current one. Make sure you update all curent visas to the current passport
  8. You are 28 days in, which is still well within the processing time. It may take even longer since this is the festive season and there are more applications.
  9. Hi Everyone I have asked this question before but since the question is likely to have follow up questions I have decided to create a new topic. Below are the details. Applicant has a PMV on further assessment. About 8 months since PMV application. Question: If applicant marries their partner while on a visitor visa in Australia what happens? What I know is that the applicant is supposed to notify the department and upon notification the applicant would be deemed to have made a partner 309/100 application from that date. My confusion is, with the 8503 condition can this validly be done? What causes confusion is the explanation of 8503 on vevo shown below It loooks like that statement prevents a person from doing even that conversion from PMV to 309/100 if they marry in Australia; unless it is okay to delay notifying the department until the applicant left Australia. However on the Visa grant itself, the wording for the explanation of 8503 is a bit different as follows @Aussie_83 has replied with the following My new question is, after notifying the department and the PMV is now converted to 309/100, do the required criteria apply from the date of the conversion or the date of the initial PMV application?
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