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  1. Hi, My PMV 300 was granted yesterday.Thank you so much for sharing the good ideas.I have a question ,do I need to have a return ticket? Please help.
  2. Hello guys, Got my PMV 300 grant yesterday. Thanks to all. And I wish to ask you guys if it is compulsory for me to have a return plane ticket. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you all guys for the smart advices,it helps me a lot,especially to AUSSIEDUDE.
  4. My PMV SUBCLASS 300 was granted yesterday.GOD'S timing is perfect.
  5. Hello Jackie, Just follow the appropriate procedure prescribed, request online direct to australian embassy ,manila.
  6. Hello guys, Good to know that approval of visa will be given upon reaching 18--20 months.Mine will be 18 months this August.Applied Feb.21,2018.Was asked to update my NBI last Feb.4,2019.My status is further assessment since July 2018. I am very sure good things will happen soon.GOD is always good.(applied online without agent)
  7. Hello Yara, In my own opinion,financial aspect of a relationship is not all about joint bank account nor property owned.I think it is how you manage to help each other financially to all the necessary expenses at home.
  8. Hello guys, Does it means that sponsors must have regular work? What if he had only part time work?
  9. Thank you guys for sharing your smart ideas. My fiance is getting much better now.
  10. Thanks AFP, I got all the answers.And yes he is getting much better now.
  11. Thank you for that smart answer. So is it good to inform the immigration about my fiance's health condition? Does it helps the processing ?
  12. Hi there! Thank you ralexander, yes I am offshore.I applied PMV .
  13. Greetings! Please share your knowledge regarding this situation. My sponsor got sick and was confined in the hospital.He is getting better after a week but his health condition is not so good.I plan to message the embassy for a prioritized processing. But my fiance disagreed.He said that if I will do ,it will result to refusal of the application because it will give negative image to him as a sponsor.
  14. country: Philippines Date lodge: February 21,2018 CO contacted after 6 months for additional doc. Status: Further Assessment Feb.4 ,2019: CO requested updated NBI CLEARANCE waiting....waiting and waiting
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