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  1. Hello Stacey, Thank you for the info,now I know.But maybe much easier to upload online thru immi account.Anyway both are good as long as we will be waiting for a positive result.I am a bit worried as well because until now I dont have my visa approval.Wish you all the best Stacey.
  2. I think we are required to lodge online since last July 2018.
  3. Hello guys, Can you give your opinions about this trending news aired last 7th of May 2019," PARTNER VISAS:ANOTHER DUTTON SCANDAL" Are we affected?
  4. with someone offering support.
  5. Hello guys, If I am sponsored for a visitor's visa,do I need to have a show money?
  6. Hello, good to know we are of the same boat.I heard that qouta or slot given in a fiscal year in a certain forum,(Pinoy Australian Information Forum)It is worrying to think of it everyday being far from him.But I have the positive thought that soon it will be approve ,same as you expect.I was asked to submit the cenomar direct to embassy last Dec.10,my laptop was not working well at that time ,so I missed the information.Then I sent email to the embassy why it took so long.There I found that I missed sending the requested document on time.And was given another chance to comply the document within 7 days.I did and keep on waiting.I had sent the cenomar more than 5 times before but lately realized that it was not in the proper procedure which should be sent direct to the embassy.But anyway we are both in the further assessment status ,not too long to wait.God is always good to answer all our prayers.I have email the embassy 5 times just to remind them my application.Last Feb .4 I was ask to comply the updated NBI.Sad to say that my health assessment expired last March 1.
  7. editha


    A blessed day to you.. Very well said sir.Thanks for sharing you expertise.
  8. editha


    What will be the difference between PMV and partner visa 309 and 100?The advantages and disadvantages between the 2 as to processing time and others?
  9. editha


    A big thank you to you Sir. You intelligently answered it all.God bless you.
  10. editha


    Hello! I heard about conversion of PMV to onshore,is that possible to my case? How much it will cost? Do I need to comply a lot of documents like in my PMV?Please share your your knowledge once more. Hoping for a favorable action on this matter. THANKS!
  11. editha


    Thanks a lot for your help Aussie_ 83,very much appreciated.Is there any possible way to be with my fiance while waiting for PMV to come?If I will apply for a visitor's visa ,do I need to have enough funds for my stay?How much is the required amount?
  12. Greetings! Anybody here who can share to me what is BRIDGING VISA? I am waiting for the approval of my PMV lodge last Feb.21 ,2018as it is in the further assessment.Am I eligible for the bridging visa?If so, then please share to me the process.Your help is very much appreciated.Thank you and more power.
  13. Hello guys, I have the same case with Reyna,lodged mine last Feb.21,2018.I was in the further assessment since last August and just last Feb.4,I was asked to submit my UPDATED POLICE CHECK and CENOMAR from psa direct to embassy and was given 7 days to comply the said required documents.I made it within 4 days.I update all my details and had clicked on the button that all documents were provided.Am I also in the final phase?Please share your opinions,and thank in advance.
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