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  1. Thank you AussieDude :) He'll probably be bringing the 3 month supply, but I'll make sure he gets a letter + prescription from his prescriber as to not run into any troubles. He's not on any OTC supplements, just a prescribed medication which is available over here too. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Seems good, I looked on Chemist Warehouse for a month's worth of the medication, and under a Private Prescription (assuming this is what he'll get?) - it's still only $8. So it seems like the larger cost will come out of writing up the prescription.
  3. Assuming I can just bring him along to my regular GP to do this. Because he won't be under Medicare or the PBS at all, do you know somewhere that I could find the cost of this for him, or can I just put the appointment under my name as I'm on Medicare? Also I'm guessing he can't take advantage of the PBS, so he will need to pay the full cost for the medication?
  4. Hello, I got some great assistance with my last question on this forum so I thought I'd post here again for some advice on this situation. Currently, my partner's 462 visa has been approved and he's coming over shortly. He is coming from the US. What I'm wondering about is how we can continue to get his prescription medication during the 12 month stay? He's going to try getting a large supply of the medication from his doctor before the visit, but after that, what options do we have? The United States isn't under the Reciprocal Healthcare Agreement. What would be the best way to go about getting the medication? Would I be able to purchase it for him, as I'm an Australian citizen under the PBS? Thanks 😁
  5. I really appreciate the messages from both of you, it has helped tremendously. Thanks! 😁
  6. 2 months and 2 weeks totalling over the two visits.
  7. He holds an American passport, we've been together now for 2 years - majorly spent apart, with him maintaining a steady job in America, and me continuing studies within Australia. This is the difficult part, because we can't really satisfy any of the 'living together' evidence, apart from names on wills / joint bank account. We have also visited each other twice before.
  8. Okay I'm going to stop myself from asking Nightcall more questions, I feel like he deserves a break ahah. If everything gets sorted out, I'd be happy to send your whiskey gift 🤣 It's really starting to make me think about what visa option we should actually be going for. Of course I want to do things properly and not jump through illegal hoops to get to where we wants to be. In our 'ideal' situation, he would want to be staying over here as soon as possible, even if that means on a temporary visa. He is also capable of packing up and coming over soon, and we could likely organise to marry while he's here on a visitation visa. What would the best visa be to choose if he wanted to -> arrive for the full time on a visitation visa -> get married whilst on that visitation visa -> stay here while the visa is processed, whilst being able to work? I guess I've been under the impression that, because of the limited allowed time for the visitation visa (3 months?), he would eventually need to leave and be unable to legally stay and work whilst visas are being processed, hence why I was looking into the 'offshore', subclass 300 visa instead.
  9. My goodness, Nightcall, I really do appreciate all the help with this topic as I am pretty clueless haha - but that's why I'm here! 🤣 Like you mentioned, I would really like to have all of this documentation ready to go straight away when applying (especially the proof of relationship evidence), instead of adding it bit by bit. This is good to hear! I believe I read on the site, that there is a minimum of two required? So I was thinking a family member, and a close family friend. Hopefully they will not need more than these two declarations! This is really helpful advice, we'd definitely want to be saving on as much as possible! 😮 How does this save the extra $1,200 if you don't mind me asking? I believe that I read once you've officially married after being granted the PMV 300, you then need to apply for a secondary visa... costing around $950 or something if I recall. But the thing is, is he even allowed to come over to Australia while the PMV begins processing? I thought I read that it wasn't allowed for the prospective partner to come into Australia until the visa is granted, so how would this work exactly? When you mention a letter from the person who will 'officiate' at the wedding, does this mean the celebrant themselves... or witnesses such as family, friend? If it is a celebrant, I should just be able to contact a local one and speak with them about my circumstances, and request a letter for this? Many many thanks 😁
  10. Also, continuing on from the post I just made, the NOIM states that both parties need to sign a signature. We have no way of providing this anytime soon. Is it just alright to not provide any NOIM within the application? I know this is a large part of the evidence, but seems difficult given the previous points I've stated, and that we're mainly apart.
  11. Hi Nightcall, Thank you for the information. One of the people who I'm going to get the declaration from is family, this is alright for the application? I don't want to be hindered or look 'suspicious' by this, if I should instead choose someone who is not immediate family. But I'm assuming it should be alright. In regards to your second post, I did actually read about the NOIM document. I can look into getting one of these from a celebrant, but what I'm mainly worried about is: I get the NOIM (which I'm assuming requires a 'set date' in which you propose to marry'), I submit it into the visa application for evidence, but... we're not sure how long it could actually take. And the application specifies the intent to marry 'within 9 months of the visa being granted'. But... we're not sure when that visa will actually be granted, so I don't know what date to set for the NOIM. This is all moot if the NOIM document can easily be called off, or a change of date can be made easily. I just don't want to have to book a venue / pay fees and everything if we're not even certain on when it could be! 😨 Thanks again for all the help.
  12. Hi AussieDude, Thank you for the response! The way you've worded it makes things a lot simpler since I tend to overcomplicate things haha. Another question (sorry), I was looking over the link you supplied which I was actually looking at last night, and one item in particular is a bit confusing - the Affidavit / Statutory Declaration you mentioned! I already know of two people who are able to fill this out, but I'm a little confused by the section mentioning you need a 'witness'? This just means I need someone 'official' to... sit and watch as this person fills out the form? Is that correct? I've looked into 'Justice of the Peace' people near me, so I don't think it should be too difficult, just a bit confused on the whole thing because I've never been through it (and didn't even know these people existed haha). Thank you so much!
  13. My partner and I have begun looking into the visa process so he can come to Australia, and it seems like the subclass 300 (prospective) visa is the way to go, as he is an offshore American citizen, and we have not married yet. I'm having some difficulties when it comes to providing sufficient evidence for the proof of relationship, mainly the area of 'shared assets, bills, etc.' - because we live in seperate countries, despite being together for almost two years now. We are thinking about opening a joint bank account in both names and each transfer funds for savings, and he has also placed my name on his will / I have placed his on my superannuation. Is this evidence enough? We cannot provide financial proof of other things because we have not lived together for an extended period of time. Along with this, I am confused with the section mentioning proof of prospective marriage. Wouldn't it be wiser to hold off booking a venue / official marriage celebrant / etc. Until the subclass 300 Prospective Visa is granted? Or will this hinder our visa process greatly? We also had no rings, gifts, parties or 'official' statements when we got engaged, is this fine also? Or is more proof needed for engagement? Thank you all, any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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