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  1. Hi, I'm in the process of moving from the UK to Australia (or will be once border restriction are relaxed) and will be applying for my 820/801 when I arrive. I've been with my partner for a number of years who is an Australian citizen and we are looking to buy a property when I arrive, most likely in Victoria. I've been doing some research on buying a property while on a temporary visa (the BVA I will be put on when I arrive) and the different rules which apply in terms of permission from the FIRB and the amount which can be borrowed for a mortgage (80% for temporary residents vs 95% for permanent residents I read somewhere). I've also read on one site that "An exception is when buying with a spouse who is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident as ‘joint tenants’ in which case you are exempted from obtaining a FIRB approval." We will be buying the property as joint tenants. I was wondering if anyone had experience here and could advise on the above? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking to move to Australia from the UK on an evisitor 651 and then apply for a Partner visa onshore which should then put me on to a BVA. I work in professional services and while I know full working rights are granted on a BVA (subject to no conditions etc.), I've read a couple of posts about employers being cautious to employ BVA holders on a full time permanent basis while the outcome of the Partner visa is being decided. Just wondering if anyone has had experience of taking a full time permanent role in professional services (or something similar) while on a BVA and if they've encountered any obstacles because of this? Many thanks in advance! Dan
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