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  1. Firstly thank you for the warm welcome! I'm so lucky I've found this forum - I'm currently searching/combing through all the old threads to get as much info as I can AND THANK YOU for your response, it has filled us both with so much relief. We were very worried we would not be able to apply in time!!! Would the general advice be (considering the upcoming changes) to possibly apply ASAP, provide the easy documentation / what we can now quickly/in a timely manner but hold out until we are contacted to get the police certificates etc? Thank you again!
  2. Hi everyone, My partner and I just found out about the new partner visa changes coming about next month! Due to this we are now rushing to get her application in order, The only documentation I am worried about is her country's criminal history check which can take 2-3 months (super long processing time ) I also need to get a check from her country (where we met) so I too will need to wait 2-3 months to get my check done. I can't seem to find any solid information on the rule regarding documentation/evidence and the visa application process, Are we able to "apply" and pay the fee now, and just gather the documentation over the next 3 months, that way we've joined the "queue" so to speak and the new partner visa changes won't affect us? In other words, can we get her on a Bridging Visa now despite not having all the documentation in order for another 3 months? Thanks so much!
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