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  1. @Jasmin We applied under compelling/compassionate circumstances but on the grant letter they said they deemed her an 'immediate family member'.
  2. *UPDATE* We have been approved for an exemption on the basis my partner is in fact immediate family (obviously!). Now the mission is finding a viable flight path to get her home. But feeling so lucky to have the exemption to the entry ban. @Jasmin I encourage to apply a couple of months before you plan to fly. @SammyJ I have been told we are not eligible for an extension to the entry date, regardless of the crisis and border closures. We must apply for an exemption and still enter before the specified entry date.
  3. Hi all, my fiancee was granted a Prospective Marriage Visa and we had flight tickets to enter Australia on May 22nd , 2020. She must enter Australia before July 9th or her visa is invalid and the Government is not providing refunds despite the reason she can't enter being they have closed the borders. Australia is allowing other Partner Visas to enter Australia but not our visa, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeking an exemption as she is now in danger where she lives due to COVID and a lack of income and healthcare. I was wondering if anyone has been successful in getting an exemption or a refund?
  4. Hi there, My partner and I have applied for the Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa. I was wondering if anyone is in a similar situation to us - regarding living arrangements. My partner and I met in Australia but her visa expired so we then went travelling. When we decided to get married and apply for the visa -, we were in Colombia (her home country) - however as I cannot earn good money working there, we have separated temporarily and I am in Canada working - I have a Canadian working visa. This is because Canada is much closer to Colombia (where my partner is now living) so it is easier/cheaper for us to visit each other while we wait on the Australian Visa, for example my partner is waiting on a tourist visa to visit me in Canada for a couple of months. I have spoken to immigration and they said there is nothing prohibiting this - however I am slightly concerned because whilst I hold a job and have a rental apartment in Canada , I do not currently have these things in Australia. I am Australian born and have worked and lived there my whole life until now - so I have rental agreements and proof of past employment. My registered address is my mothers house and that is where my Australian mail goes. Has anyone else had a situation like this or known of anyone who has? Your perspectives are much appreciated. Thankyou
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