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  1. No problem I correct my appeal like: I was unfairly deprived of this privilege, does this make sense now?
  2. If by saying" I screwed up my application" you mean that for example I should have lie to the officer like I would return to Au immediately after getting citizenship and I should not have revealed my plan to go to the UK, Then I should say I'm sorry, this is me I can not be dishonest to ppl even if it hurts my benefits, even if now we return to the past I would do exactly same thing and I would say my plan would be going to the UK for 2 years before returning to Au
  3. I have been forgetting to correct another baseless judgment of you as it seems to be a part of your personality.Below is a part of the refusal letter I received from the "unsatisfied" "Palm reader" officer: 3. APPLICANT’S BACKGROUND You first entered Australia on 29 October 2010 as the holder of a permanent Skilled Independent subclass 175 visa. You became a permanent resident upon your fist entry. You last departed Australia on 31 October 2014. You currently hold a permanent Resident Return subclass 155 visa granted while you were offshore on 16 June 2015.
  4. I think you misunderstood my comment. I meant to say guys was blaming me that I was trying to get the Oz pass to live in the UK. But know they say I need it to visit other countries and not for living. So they try to change what they said first.
  5. And just to rev your info up, even with Aus pass I wont be able to travel to the US as our countries do not have a mutual agreement to share each others citizens' security database, any other question?
  6. I am not going to start a political discussion here as I am pretty sure your brain will just crash, just say if we accept to kneel to the Us tomorrow, the passport will jump on top the day after tomorrow... And BTW I have still an unanswered question from u right?
  7. I am not particularly interested in visiting US, but dont try to change the story, I was thought to try to get Oz passport to live in UK and not to visit there, and if I wanted to do that I already explained the alternative option
  8. Well all I can see in the above comments is seams of weekend Johnnie Walker Huh?😀 Please for god's sake do not leave your brain untouched , u have been given that for a purpose and that is thinking. Our 309 visa in in process and I am trapped here? Why didnt we lodge that after the outcome of this appea?. @ Nightcall , it seems to me that your memory is like computer RAM that just works short term, where the hell I said I was going to US?? That was UKKKK and these are 2 different countries in 2 different continent. But just to let u know even if I want to go to the US I dont need Aus passport, all to do is just apply for scholarship, just do a study to see how many genius Persians are working in reputable universities and organizations there and here in Australia. Ranking of passport is b.coz of politic issues and does not have any relation for smart immigrants to be absorbed by western countries. It is good idea that before opining on an issue at least make sure your information is accurate.
  9. that's why I say u have not read previous comments carefully. My application got refused because I was not here then. How the result could be different?
  10. I am talking about now when I say I don't need it. But as I said yes I needed it by then to do my plans.
  11. Applying from offshore wouldn't give me the opportunity to be heard. And yes I had all these plans to do but they never happened.
  12. Yes I claim so. Absolutely. I do not require Australian passport nor citizenship at all. Just think about it. I'm living and working here and have no problem, and I am not particularly interested in staying in a queue on a weekend to vote. The only and only point is that I'm going to object against a decision that I believe was unfair and destroyed my plans. for a person like me who plans for everything from long time ago that was a big failure that I could never accept that. THIS IS ALL
  13. please read this comment if u have not already as it seems u have not. I never said I couldn't stay in Australia because of than problem
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