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  1. Thanks for the link. I called the office in Saigon, they do not speak English. But I appreciate the advice thanks! But the link gave me plenty of leads so great! Have a nice weekend!
  2. For some reason, the Department of Home Affairs does not have any registered agents in Vietnam (while there are a dozen or more in Thailand/Philippines/Singapore/Malaysia and even Cambodia has a few). I have no idea why not but I am sure it is an interesting story. Based in Saigon and was hoping to have someone that we could talk with face to face and not have to send valuable documentation across the world a dozen times. Any feedback would be welcome thanks on agents to use.
  3. I have found a resource that states I can get a declaration that says I cannot get a Chinese Police Certificate. But I contacted these guys and they can do nothing without all my passport pages, all original documents etc etc.. No surprise here, the Chinese government isn't very helpful for foreigners. https://www.chinatraveldocs.com/unobtainable-china-police-certificate
  4. The condition for obtaining a PPC in China are impossible. I left China 8-9 yrs ago and lived there for 6 years. I must of travelled on 100+ flights and in and out of China 20-30 times. I do not have any of the original passports they state that I must have photocopies of every page of the passport during that period. This is a fucking joke, seriously do they expect me to keep the temporary residence registration form (TRRF) as they were in Chinese and I had an agent manage this process for me the whole time. All applicants must provide the following documents to Shanghai Oriental Notary Office: Current passport Any prior passport that contains pages with China entry and exit stamps and residence permit. At least one temporary residence registration form (TRRF). A power of attorney if a third-party representative makes the application on your behalf. I emailed the Chinese embassy in Canberra on the contact email and it can back with a response that the email address was 'full'. Rod.
  5. I am the Australian partner that is helping my other half apply for a Provisional Partner Visa. I have lived in China, the Philippines, Vietnam and Romania for over a year in the last decade. I have no criminal records. Is it absolutely necessary to submit police reports for myself as I will have to fly to each country to get it which would be a horrible inconvenience. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore/additional-sponsorship-requirements
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