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  1. So if I’m on tourist visa in the Philippines right now, is it still possible for me to apply for an Australian tourist visa from here ? I do not know any MARA agent in the Philippines so I tried asking one of the travel agencies
  2. I have a concern with regards to applying for tourist visa. I’m a bit confused on what step to take exactly as per the situation. I’ve been to Australia on study visa where I met my partner. Visa got expired on March 2019 so I had to leave the country. I went to Philippines on tourist visa to visit my family as they are permanent residents here. (I could not get my PR here due to some issues) Now, me and my partner were planning to get a tourist visa to Australia and where thinking of applying for onshore partner visa. He has his own business and could not leave Australia and that’s why the best option we got is for me to go to a Australia on tourist visa. As I’m currently in the Philippines...I tried to ask a travel agency here in the Philippines if I can apply for a tourist visa from here. She said I won’t be able to cos I’m residing as a tourist here and that it would be better to apply it from my home country (India). Previously I’ve applied my study visa from India. Now if I apply for a tourist visa from India I don’t have any strong ties to show nor any asset as my family lives in the Philippines. I guess there is a very less chance of getting a tourist visa granted. I don’t know what to do now and it is really messed up to be honest. Any guidance or advice will be highly appreciated.Thank you very much
  3. Thanks @AFV !! Yes I’m aware of that. Well I was actually planning to provide upfront PCC. Me and my partner are going to consult an agent before lodging our application just to make sure we’re doing everything right.
  4. Hey guys need help! I will be lodging an offshore partner visa soon after my marriage in India. I am currently in the Philippines and I just obtained my NBI clearance (philippine PCC). I just thought that while I’m here I should get my PCC done to save time. However, the current civil status on my NBI clearance is single. At the time of lodging my application, do I need to apply for a new NBI from India to update my status from single to married? Thanks!!
  5. Thanks @AussieDude So basically, you mean to say if I include photos of me with my partner’s family members it is better to include their passport ID as a proof? I also have travel proof with my partner and her sister and brother in law. I do have proof of tickets booked for the 4 of us. Moreover, they will be helping us with 888 STAT DECS knowledge about our relationship as they have known us as partner ever since we’ve started dating each other ( they are Aus Citizen and PR). I do understand proof with every photo is basically essential rather than piling up with unnecessary photos. Thank you
  6. Thanks a lot @Soulmates !! You’ve been really helpful. I was thinking of putting all the photo evidence on a separate PDF and just put label or reference them accordingly. Or maybe let’s say a separate PDF for me and my partner’s photos, travel and photos with family members and then separate PDF photos for let’s say financial aspect proof. I just don’t want to make it difficult for the CO to look for photos accordingly with the statements. So I’m trying to figure out which way would be better. thanks again !!
  7. Do you have a “No further stay” condition on the tourist visa ?
  8. Thanks a lot @Soulmates really helpful advice !! Gathering evidences just makes me nervous as I don’t want to miss anything. Did you used an agent though? I Wish you all the best in life!
  9. Congratulations! Your effort really seem to amaze me. What kind of proof did you show for financial support? Was it more of a joint bank account? Also, have you included pictures with the written statement in relationship history? I just want to get an idea how you include pictures with the statements, did you put all the photos on a separate PDF page or did you just included it accordingly to your relationship story in every paragraph let’s say ? Thanks!
  10. Does any one know when the new rules on sponsor approval for partner visa will be in effect?
  11. First of all, Congratulations! Would you you mind sharing your case and experience? Was your case straight forward? Did you apply with front loaded documents? thanks!
  12. Thanks a lot @Bridge ! I hope this works out I’m just afraid of no strong incentive to show.
  13. I agree. However just to make sure, I want to know which way will be better and more successful. 1. Apply for tourist visa from india and then apply onshore partner visa (as I don’t have family, employment or any asset back in India) OR 2. Apply for offshore partner visa and then apply for tourist visa
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