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  1. PMV VISA GRANTED!🎉 *Timeline* - Date of lodgement PMV: February 20 2019 - Applied for Visitor visa: April 04 2019 - Visitor visa rejected: April 11 2019 - Request for HIV test: June 02 2019 - Visa granted: September 06 2019 I'm from Mexico, my visa was processed in Ottawa, Canada office. My application was front loaded, except Police checks (that we upload in April, applicant and sponsor's) and for the medicals they re-used my visitor visa medical exams for my PMV that's why they only asked for the HIV test. 200 days of waiting. Almost 7 months. Thank you so much for all the advice that I received here. I'll see you in the next stage!😄
  2. Hello. Like the title says I believe I missed a call from the department. It was from a Private number, no way to call back. I'm from Mexico, been 7 months since DOL and almost 3 since RFI. Processing in Canada. People mentioned scam calls, but here they are always with a number and they will keep calling. In this case I just had that single call. Is there any way I can reach them? Or someone know if they will call back soon? What are your experiences with this?
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