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  1. I have recently lodged my onshore 820 Partner Visa and am in the process of gathering the required information. A friend who used to work for the immigration service has advised that my wife(Australian Citizen) and I will require police checks for countries we lived in for over 12 months since we were adults. As my wife previously lived in Japan about 20 years ago, accessing this is likely to be difficult and time consuming. I would also have to access a police check for Ireland. I can't see anywhere which states that we need to access police checks for countries which we lived in for longer than 10 years ago. Does anyone know if these are required? Any help greatly received.
  2. I'm a UK citizen and have been married to an Australian citizen for 6 years with 2 children. I'm planning on heading to Oz shortly with our children on a tourist visa and apply for partner and BV after arriving. My wife would like to stay in UK a short while more to complete tasks e.g. selling flat etc. Can I apply for partner visa without my sponsor being in the country? Would there be any other difficulties with this plan? Any assistance greatly received. Thanks
  3. Thanks for your thorough response. We have just realised the potential consequences of the changes to the partner visa procedure. I can see that this was due to be implemented on the 17 April but was postponed. Any idea when this is likely to come into force? We have just booked our flights for early September. Again, any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi I am a UK citizen and am married to an Australian citizen. We have two children (also Australian citizens). We are currently in the UK and are in the process of planning on moving to Australia. I intend purchasing a return flight whilst my family will purchase one-way flights. I intend to enter on a tourist visa and then apply for an 820 partner visa shortly afterwards. Could anyone provide any advice on any issues with this plan? How much scrutiny is given to UK citizens arriving in my situation? Would you advise on booking on a different flight to avoid interrogation about why my flight is different to that of my family? Does anyone know how easy it is to get a refund for the unused flight and which airlines provide this? (it appears that Thai airways do) Any advice greatly received. Kind Regards
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