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  1. Hello everyone! Starting to look into visas for PR here in Australia, and there are some things i don't find clear enough on the visa website. In short, my partner is a registered nurse (aged care) and I'd be classed as an agricultural Scientist - both on the skilled jobs list. She has more experience than myself, and looking at the points table, with experience and superior english, she'd be raking in 70 points (189 visa), 75 points (190 visa) and potentially 5 more points if i can be deemed as skilled in this profession (<12 months work, hold a masters, 4+ years as a zoologoist, but i don't believe this would count, as it was all during my graduate time and not in a related class to ANZSCO code 2341-12). So, being a nurse and having her AHPRA registration, this would be deemed suitable for a skills assessment. Lodging either a 189 or 190 visa, would each cost $3755 for her as the main applicate, as we are welcome to submit EOI for either of these visas at any time. When it comes to bringing myself in, i could be lodged with this application for an additional $1875 for either visa. I see in the visa listings it states 'the second instalment charge for family members is AUD4,885' so this additional second instalment is also the charge for myself, on top of being $1875 correct? we are also looking at the 482 visa, so a shorter stay if PR doesn't come threw in time. I read somewhere she cannot be married upon first entry into the country? Does this mean we cannot lodge an application for this visa if we are together? Thanks everyone!
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