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  1. Hey all, Trying to settle a healthy debate between us and another couple who about to submit their 801. So, we passed on relevant information but they have it stuck in their heads that adding her name to his Super is a good idea? I said, "you don't need too", but they said, "it's good to show as genuine couple" (which they are / we haven't done it to ours), I said, "Wouldn't that have the same as having each others name on a Will?" Also, does anyone on here keep updating their story line? Not one for weekly 'status updates' but would be doing a monthly update be better? 'Cause we're about to finish our first quarter out of the two year wait haha. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, I'm the sponsor and I've asked family and friends to write a supporting letter each, but my questions are: What do they write about? Like do they write about what they know about us as individuals and as a couple? What depth do they need to go too? I'm been searching the forum and my mind went tick lol. Thanks in advance.
  3. @AFV you're a legend! Thank you again for being so helpful.
  4. @AFV Thanks again, also do you know if the applicant has to fill out the form 1221, if she is already here in Aus on Student Visa?
  5. Awesome, thank you so much for the fast reply and the information! That's a huge weight off the shoulders.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this and am really struggling to understand what forms need to be completed and by me, as a sponsor and my partner Ruby, and what forms need to be JP'd. So we've submitted our application for Partner Visa, (maybe we should've paid the 3K more for the lawyer to do this... lol), last Sunday. We rang the government to ask them question but old mate was not helpful at all, kept getting angry. From my understanding, we don't need to JP forms as long as they're scanned in colour and in readable fashion? Am I to fill out the 47 or 40? Does my De Facto partner have to fill out the 47 or 40? Here is my list of questions that I'm seeking clarification about and I'm sure this will help others (hoping so)? Passport; Drivers Licence; Medicare Card; Birth Cert; Joint bank Accounts; Ruby's Birth Cert both English and Taiwanese; Our De Facto Cert from QLD Gov; Supporting Doc like Airline tickets; Supporting text / message conversation from various apps; Her Blue Card; Her Bupa Visa invoice; Stat Dec from friends / family (stupid question as they're signed by a JP at the end of the form; however, if it's going to be a copy of that?); and when should we do a AFP Police check (from researching leave this until it's requested?). Sorry for the long list but for the last week I've stressing over what needs to be JP'd and what doesn't, so many different answers. Thanks in advance. Regards, Josh.
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