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  1. Yes. I was allowed to work and I was entitled to Medicare, but I couldn't leave the country without first applying for a Bridging Visa B, which is a short-term visa you can apply for when you need to travel or go home.
  2. Hi there! I had just returned to Australia with a tourist visa when I applied for my partner visa. Whatever visa you are on, they will grant you a bridging visa that allows you to stay in Australia while your partner visa is being processed.
  3. Hey Coyote764, I inserted photos into a single Word document. About 20 photos per document, with a short description under each one of them. After that, I simply converted the Word document into PDF. You can easily do that by clicking "Save As", choose the destination, then at the bottom under "Save as Type" scroll down to PDF. Then just double check the size, but it should be all good. If you ever have a PDF file that's too big, you can also google "resize PDF file", and there's a lot of free online tools that can help with that. https://www.ilovepdf.com/ is one of them. Hope it helps!
  4. Hey Keisha. If I remember well, the max was 100 attachments. I merged a lot of stuff together in one PDF -- whenever I had multiple documents that could be bundled up together, like photos from a trip etc. Hope it helps!
  5. You can find the Stat Dec here at https://www.ag.gov.au/Publications/Statutory-declarations/Documents/commonwealth-statutory-declaration-form.pdf It's a form you can use anytime you would like to communicate with the Department. Since there is no one really to talk to specifically about your application, if you fill in this form, sign it and have it witnessed by a JP, then you can upload it to your IMMI GOV account. Whoever is processing your application will read it. It's sort of an official/formal way to communicate with them. Good luck!
  6. Thanks much! I read about a 12-month return visa but I wasn't sure, which is why I asked.
  7. Hey there! I downloaded our FB Messenger conversations. Over the span of the relationship until the time of my application, we had two occasions when we were apart, both about a month's long. So I had two PDF files, each containing all the download from FB. If you only have some emails and chat records, I recommend you upload them in their entirety during the application. Then, you could write a short stat dec explaining that during the times that you were separated, you used Yahoo Messenger and Viber, which you can't provide evidence for, because those systems don't have a download function. As long as you have something, and you can explain why there isn't that much, you should be alright! I hope that helps!
  8. Hi there, My name is Sara and I'm an Italian citizen. I was just granted my permanent residency after applying with my Australian partner in 2017. If you have any questions about your visa process, I'm happy to help. I know how hard it can be. Get in touch! Sara
  9. Hello everyone! A question for whoever understands the permanent residency/return visa matter well enough. A week ago I received my permanent residency through a partner visa with my Australian husband. This week we will be relocating to the US, where we plan to live for about two years. After that, we were thinking of moving to Europe for another couple of years, since I'm from Italy and the time has come for us to be closer to my family. From what I gather, in order to be able to get another 5-year residency visa, I need to spend at least 2 of those 5 years (which according to my grant letter will terminate in 2025) in Australia. This really is a problem given that our plans were to live abroad until 2025. Does anyone know how this situation can be solved? Thank you kindly! Sara
  10. Hello, everyone! Looking for some advice, if anyone can help. I'm Italian, and my Australian partner and I applied for my residency in 2017. In april 2019 we were able to apply for the second part of the visa process, 801 or permanent residency. It looks like it might take about 2 years for it to be granted. Meanwhile, my partner and I want to move to the US for work and life experience. Any advice on whether that would cause any issues with my permanent visa application? I know I can come and go as I please, but I'm scared that moving overseas for a couple of years might impact my application. Any advice welcome! Cheers Sara
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