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  1. Hello Sir, I have applied for partner visa 309/100 and its been 10 months and the status have moved from "Received" to "Initial assessment" the case officer asked me to submit few documents in my Immi account, which as follows. Further evidence of your relationship. 1. Proof of relationship. 2. Finances. 3. Your households. 4. Commitment. 5. Social Matters and statutory declarations. Now I need help with Finances and households as My partner is a working resident of Australia and I work in India. We don't have any shared finances and households expenses as we live apart. How to go about with this and what to inform the case manager? Also where should I attach these additional documents? Should I submit attach in my immi account where I attached these documents earlier or should I attach in a separate place. And if my file is in initial assessment stage, in how many months will I get my Visa? Please help
  2. Hello Sir, One quick query, When I applied for my partner visa 309/100 the processing time was around 12 to 16 months and now the processing time is around 16 to 20 months, which one they will consider? 12 to 16 months or the current processing time? Also if I apply for a visitor visa, is it possible for me to go there and work? or is there any possible visa to apply which helps me to be with my wife and work in Australia? Please advise Regards Nishanth Lawrence
  3. Hello, I have applied for my partner visa 309/100 and it's been 3 months since I have successfully submitted all the required documents. How long more should I wait and can I go visit my wife on holiday visa while my partner visa is on the process. ??
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