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  1. Hi I had to reapply for my sister and nieces Visitors Visa (600) last Monday and Wednesday - we are of Papua New Guinean origin, and have had visas granted in the past. It usually take 5 working days for us to receive our visas without delay. I am wondering now however, that because we have not received correspondence from Immigration since last week, is it possible the office is closed until after New Year? 5 working days for my sister's visa would've been on Monday 23rd December, and for my nieces, today (Friday 27th December). If someone could just shed some light on this would be great. Cheers!
  2. Agreed! Your family will be fine, buddy. No need to declare intentions; that may just complicate things. All the best!
  3. Hi once again I recently applied for Partner Visa (820/801) with my BVA coming into effect on 20th August 2019. I gave birth on the 22nd of August, and now have to inform immigration, however, I need someone to point me in the right direction; I understand I have to go through my ImmiAccount to do this. Are there any links with more information on how I can go about this? I'm just a tad bit confused on where to start. Cheers!
  4. Thank you for your response. Yes. It is multiple entry, 3 month stay on each arrival until May 2022. I was referring to the substantive visa expiry date; whether the term expire in that 'clause' was referring to 'Must not arrive after date' (which in our case is May 2022), or the date when our 3 month stay would be up (which is the 19th of August 2019). Anyway, nevermind that. Just to clarify one more time because I'm a bit thrown off by ... She doesn't need to apply for a BVB if she leaves before Aug 19?
  5. My daughter was granted a Bridging Visa A today (08th August 2019), however, our Visitors Visa (subclass 600) expires on the 19th of August, 2019 (that's when our 3 months stay will be up). Both our visitor's visas have "Must Not Arrive After 06 May 2022" (we have multiple entry). Quick notes to consider: My husband was granted Australian Citizenship in Dec 2017 My (5-year old) daughter's application is a Child Visa app (subclass 802) - sent to WA just last weekend and received an acknowledgment PLUS BVA Grant today BVA is not in effect because Visitor visa is in effect. I will be applying for Partner Visa (820/801) in a couple of days My questions are; Is a Visitors Visa considered to be a substantive visa? If so, can my daughter travel out of Australia (before Aug 19) for a couple of weeks? I understand she will need a BVB to travel outside of Australia IF the answer to my first question is NO Travel overseas section on the bridging visa grant says, "If your substantive visa expires while you are outside Australia and you do not hold a bridging visa B, you will need to apply for and be granted a substantive visa before you can return to Australia.". What date is this "clause" referring to? (I assume it is referring to the Must not arrive after date). I hope to hear from you all soon. Cheers!
  6. As per the title, I was wondering how we have our payslips certified against an "original". I am in the process of applying for a Child Visa (subclass 802) and my Partner Visa (820/801), and certified payslips are a requirement. Our sponsor (my husband - Australian Citizen) and I are confused as his payslips are usually emailed to him. Can we just print and send AS IS without having them certified?
  7. Can my family members (who are Australian citizens) be valid witnesses for Partner Visa 820/801? I am currently filling my online application and am up to Page 19 where I am required to provide 2 supporting witnesses; so Australian citizens or permanent residents that have known of me and my partner's relationship. Also, even IF I could have a family member as a witness, would my application have more weight if I provide details of a non-relative instead?
  8. My comment is irrelevant, but your information has somewhat helped me with gathering evidence for my application. Cheers!
  9. By de facto visa, you're referring to visa subclasses 820 and 801? Did you have to send pictorial evidence of you and your partner? (pictures from holidays, screenshots of pictures off your social media profiles, etc...?)
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